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Writing Program at New College

Taking Inventory

Experience tells us that students’ attitudes about writing play a major role in their success and experience in writing classes. Some students arrive to their writing classes excited to get started, while others approach the subject with a bit less enthusiasm. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, everyone has a history as a writer, good experiences and bad, successes and struggles. We believe that reflecting on this history is a good way to take stock of your current attitudes about writing, and also, to set goals for where you’d like your experience as a writer to go from here.

Let's prepare for the work to come by thinking and talking about the writing experiences we bring with us. As we begin our course, acknowledge that you are a writer. To gain some clarity, take stock of your experience by completing the Writer's Inventory assigment.

Before we get to the Writer's Inventory Assignment, let’s get some inspiration from this video, Because Writing Is:


Because Writing Is

Click here to get the directions for the Writer's Inventory Assignment.

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