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Writing Program at New College

ENG 101 - Suggested Assignment Sequences

(Nanette's assignment sequence with percentage / point breakdown and brief descriptions)

Writer’s Inventory (5% - 50 pts): This brief essay encourages students to openly and honestly evaluate their past writing experiences. Additionally, it challenges students to set specific, detailed, and personalized course goals that they will have a chance to reflect on once more at the semester’s end.

Literacy Narrative (10% - 100 pts): This writing assignment recognizes that every human has rhetorical strengths as it encourages students to reflect on a specific, meaningful moment of communication. Students will creatively narrate the moment, composing a focused story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Research Question and Reflection (5% - 50 pts): This assignment, though brief, marks a crucial moment in the semester. Students will formalize the research question they will pursue for the remainder of the semester. The accompanying reflective essay informally but thoughtfully recounts the process of thinking and learning that led to the research question.

What’s at Stake? (20% - 200 pts): This project is the culmination of your inquiry process. After thoroughly researching and considering an issue from multiple perspectives, students will create a map of the issue, identifying why the particular issue matters to the various stakeholders.

Digital Portfolio (10% - 100 pts): At the semester’s close, students will use this final assignment as an opportunity to reflect on their learning and writing processes. Creating a digital portfolio, students will compile their work and reflect on how they met course objectives through each assignment.

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