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NCUIRE Scholars and Fellows Cover Page Application

New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences (NCUIRE)

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Student’s who want to join NCUIRE must find a New College research mentor. Before applying to NCUIRE, students should ask their favorite New College professors to be their mentor or they can reach out to other full time professors in the School of Humanities, Arts, & Cultural Studies, the School of Math & Natural Sciences, or the  School of Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Faculty mentors (not student applicants) must complete all items listed on this form.  

If you are a faculty mentor applying for an NCUIRE Research Assistantship or Team Award on behalf of a student, do not use this form. Instead, use the NCUIRE Research Assistant or Team Award application form available via the NCUIRE program webpage.

Please submit your supplemental research proposal in a pdf format to the NCUIRE

Personal Information
Student Information
What academic rank do you hold?
Please note that, due to limited budgetary resources, funding rates of applications designated "accept the award only if a stipend is provided" may be lower than funding rates of applications with greater flexibility (i.e., the student applicant is open to receiving academic credit instead of a stipend). Your response to this question, though, is not considered during review of the application.