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logo reads Terra VerdeCarolyn and Ed Vasko have established a fellowship in Terra Verde's name for the ASU West Valley NCUIRE program that aligns students with professors to work on real-world application of their classroom learning.
“I knew that there would be an increasing shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals in the market place. And because of my involvement with ASU’s West Valley campus, I saw the possibility of the NCUIRE program. So, my wife and I bridged the industry demand with the opportunities being provided by NCUIRE and decided to establish this fellowship program. We wanted to provide students the opportunity to learn alongside ASU West Valley’s Applied Computing faculty on projects that are relevant to the cybersecurity market. Once these projects are completed, we try to provide on-going internships and career opportunities to these NCUIRE fellows.”

-Ed Vasko, CEO

Current NCUIRE Particpants

 Research assistants

Student Name

Professor Name


Sydnee Carey

Breanne Fahs

Black Lives Matter: Protests, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Mobin Emran Doost

Peter Jurutka

Role of Vitamin D in Health and Disease

Vanessa Grifford

Pamela A. Marshall

Analyzing Novel Rexinoids for Ability to Bind to RXR Protein

Therese Clark

Breanne Fahs

Black Lives Matter: Protests, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Maria Rodriguez

Majia Nadesan

Identifying Discrepancies Between Entry Level Cybersecurity Industry Positions and ASU West Valley Cyber Offerings

Brian Ballantyne

J. Chad Johnson

The interactive effects of urban heat and artificial light on the behavior and development of black widow spiderlings

Jared Rusnak

Becky Ball

The Biogeochemical Role of Moss in Maritime Antarctica

Cristina Martalogu

Jennifer Hackney Price

testing the ecdysteroid response to acoustic stress in fruit flies

Katharine Colledge

Julie Amparano

Flight to Freedom: Refugee stories about fleeing homelands and starting a new life in Arizona

Research Teams

Kara Glaser, Tywanna Moseley, Hiba Al Any, Azucena Villalobos-Lopez, Aaya Adeeb

Laura Smalarz

Social influence in double-blind lineups

Natasha Webb-Villegas,

Jonric Nera

Akua Duku Anokye

Telling Arizona - The Refugee Story

Research Fellows

Ann Karenina




Invisibility: Coping with the body politics of endometriosis

Hasti Asrari

Dhara Shah


Clint Pauling

Dhara Shah

Utilizing Gut Microbial Enzymes to Divert Human Tyrosine Catabolism as a Therapeutic strategy for Metabolic Disorders

Tahsin Hoque Summer



Narratives of BLM

Luisa Rodriguez

Laura Smalarz

Do Police Practices that Encourage Choosing Impair Eyewitness Memory?

Abel Karabegovic

Pam Marshall

Analysis of Environmental Contaminants for Activation of PXR Receptor

Jennifer Hong

Peter Jurutka

Novel Drug Candidates for the Treatment of Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Research Scholars

Gabriela Dimas

J. Chad Johnson

Analysis of Behavioral Markers In Burrowing Owls As Indices of Post-Relocation Success

Michael Sausedo

Peter Jurutka

An Alternative to Bexarotene in Treating Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas

Damara Willis

J. Chad Johnson

The effects of artificial light at night on the behavior and development of black widow spiderlings