New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences (NCUIRE)

Research opportunities for students

Undergraduate research is an integral component of the New College experience. The New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences (NCUIRE) program provides opportunities for New College undergraduates to engage in meaningful research partnerships with faculty and other undergraduates.

Why get involved in research as a student?

Faculty-student research collaboration benefits students, faculty and the university. For students, research is a great way to gain experience that may make you more competitive when you apply for jobs. You’ll delve deeper into many of the most intriguing topics you cover in your coursework. Plus, research encourages you to apply what you learn in the classroom to solve real-world problems as you work alongside a world-renowned expert in your field of interest. You may also gain a mentor who can help guide you as you progress through your academic career and beyond. Finally, if you are majoring in a New College program you can be eligible for a small stipend or college class credits.

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Applications for the summer and fall 2024 NCUIRE program are due Wednesday, February 28, 2024. Download the application to find detailed information on how to apply. 

Info to apply for NCUIRE

How does NCUIRE benefit you

  1. Gain competitive skills for the workforce
  2. Dive deeper into topics of coursework
  3. Learn to apply classroom learning to real-world problem
  4. Work alongside world-renown experts in your field of interest
  5. Gain a mentor to help guide you academically
  6. May be eligible for a stipend or college class credit



Eric Swank smiling at camera

Dr. Eric Swank serves as the associate director of NCUIRE. He teaches research classes in   Social & Cultural Analysis and brings expertise in designing, managing and evaluating undergraduate research experiences. He writes on issues of sexual prejudice and political activism, loves talking research with students, and has published over ten peer-reviewed articles with undergraduate students.


Vernon Morris smiling in front of blurred outdoor landscape

 Dr Vernon Morris serves as the Associate Dean, Knowledge Enterprise and Strategic Outcomes.