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Faculty Directory

Faculty in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies are innovative humanities scholars and artists whose work contributes to conversations and representations of all human traditions and current experiences while promoting an active and meaningful civic life. Our faculty recognize that creating a sustainable future depends on advancing a deeper understanding of histories and cultures. 

School Director

photo of Miriam Mara

Miriam Mara

Director and Professor
Mara investigates Irish literature and film. Her second research stream includes research in health humanities and medical rhetoric. 


Associate Director

photo of Marianne Kim

Marianne Kim

Associate Director and Professor
Kim works in screendance, video art, multimedia installation and performance art. She joined ASU in 2006.


Faculty List

First Name Last Name Title E-mail Phone (if available)
Alejandro Acierto Assistant Professor 602-543-6069
Aaron Allen Assistant Professor

Julie Amparano Teaching Professor / Writing Certificate Coordinator 602-543-6160
Owen Anderson Professor (602)543-6027
Anokye Associate Professor, Director of IGLE (602)543-6020
Bixby Professor (602)543-3010
Boswell Instructor  
Tra Bouscaren Assistant Professor  
William Brashears Director of New College Intl Initiatives, Clinical Asst Prof  (602)543-8903
Cynthia Burns
Sherry Cisler Associate Teaching Professor (602)543-6094
Jerome  Clark Assistant Professor (602)543-1612
Shari Collins Associate Professor (602)543-6099
Gloria Cuadraz Associate Professor (602)543-3018
Theresa Devine Associate Professor (602)543-2814
Charles Eppley Assistant Teaching Professor  
Professor (602)543-3313
Marsha Fazio Associate Teaching Professor
Lance Graham Instructor (602)543-1099
Carolyn Griffiths Faculty Associate  
Desiree Groft Instructor  
Christopher Hanlon Professor (602)543-6092
Patricia Huntington Professor (602)543-3251
Joshi Instructor (602)543-8905
Gary Karp Faculty Associate   
Jeffery Kennedy Associate Professor (602)543-6025
Catherine Kerrey Instructional Professional (602)543-7003
Marianne Kim Associate Director and Professor (602)543-6079
Sharon Kirsch Associate Professor (602)543-6049
Ilana Luna Associate Professor (602)543-5681
Anders Lundin Faculty Associate  
Annika Mann Director of English MA, Associate Professor (602)543-5675
Bertha Manninen Professor, Director of CCICS and TIE (602)543-3433
Tuomas Manninen Associate Teaching Professor (602)543-6411
Miriam Mara School Director and Professor (602)543-3025
Dennis Marsollier Instructional Professional (602)543-6145
Francine McGregor Assistant Professor
Jacob Meders Associate Professor (602)543-1612
Louis Mendoza Professor (602)543-6242
Barry  Moon Associate Professor (602)543-6167
Jeremy Muller Faculty Associate  
Karla Murphy Asst Director of New College Writing Program, Teaching Professor (602)543-9836
Bonnie Nason Instructor (602)543-1099
Eduardo Pagan Assoc Dean of Barrett, Professor (602)543-4546
Tiffany Raiser Assistant Teaching Professor (602)543-6180
Renee Rivers Instructor (602)543-8905
Kiley Romano  Instructor  
Julia Sarreal Associate Professor (602)543-6328
Jennifer Schulte Instructional Professional (602)543-2802
Nanette Schuster Instructor  
Robert Sharman Faculty Associate  
Matt Simonton Associate Professor (602)543-9833
Charles St Clair Fine Arts Specialist/Technical Director (602)543-6016
Sarah Stage Professor (602)543-3310
Michael Stancliff Director of New College Writing Program, Associate Professor (602)543-5105
Stefan Stantchev Associate Professor (602)543-6314
Daniel Stotz Faculty Associate  
Eric  Swank Associate Director of NCUIRE, Associate Professor of Practice (602)543-1021
Olivia Tejeda Faculty Associate  
Jeffrey Timmons Instructor  
Kim Toms Instructor (602)543-6019
Stephen Toth Professor (602)543-6093
Patricia Tusay Instructor  
Carlos Vargas Instructor  
Claudia Villegas-Silva Director of Interdisciplinary Studies MA, Associate Professor (602)543-6008
Alicia Wall Faculty Associate  
Jessica Wicks-Allen  Assistant Professor