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New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences (NCUIRE)


logo reads Terra VerdeCarolyn and Ed Vasko have established a fellowship in Terra Verde's name for the ASU West NCUIRE program that aligns students with professors to work on real-world application of their classroom learning.
“I knew that there would be an increasing shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals in the market place. And because of my involvement with ASU’s West campus, I saw the possibility of the NCUIRE program. So, my wife and I bridged the industry demand with the opportunities being provided by NCUIRE and decided to establish this fellowship program. We wanted to provide students the opportunity to learn alongside ASU West’s Applied Computing faculty on projects that are relevant to the cybersecurity market. Once these projects are completed, we try to provide on-going internships and career opportunities to these NCUIRE fellows.”

-Ed Vasko, CEO

Research Symposium Award Winners

 NCUIRE, the program that fosters original research projects between undergraduates and faculty mentors, is proud to announce the 2021 awards for best posters.  Twenty six posters were displayed at the annual research symposium.  The judges were impressed by every submission and deciding on the best posters was difficult.  All participants should be proud of their work and the faculty mentors deserve a round of applause as well. NCUIRE offers two types of conference awards, one based the evaluations of New College professors and one based on student impressions. As an organizer of this event, I am especially thankful of all of the judges who added their insights and the dedicated work of Jaime Alvarez, Ruth Dempsey, Kara Glaser, Stacey Kimbell, and Carolyn Starr.  


Eric Swank
Associate Director of NCUIRE  

NCUIRE Faculty Judge Awards


Student Names

Poster Title

1st Place

Meghan Gast

Insect Activity During Decomposition in the Extreme Sonoran Desert Climate

2nd Place

Tessa Jung

Is SPAM® Good Enough for Lucilia Sericata? An Analysis of Food Sources for Entomological Crime Scene Collections

3rd Place

Anastasia Stats

Using GIS to Analyze the Effects of Multiple Threats on Caribbean Corals

Honorable Mention

Brianna Riccomini

Development Study of the Forensically Important Calliphora Latifrons

Honorable Mention

Rachel King

Science and Policy: Improving Fish Consumption Advisory Programs in the US and Canada  

Student Choice Awards


Student Names

Poster Title

1st Place

Ava Lemke

Employment Accessibility for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD): A Bi-National Comparison

2nd Place

Maggie Lorenz, Daniel Foglesong, Victor Garcia, Giovanni Artiglio

ActionPoint: Action-driven App to Strengthen Parent-Teen Relationships to Combat Cyberbullying

3rd Place

Luisa Rodriguez, Bryan Salinas, 

Gail Hutchings, 

Kylie Kulak

Racial Bias Research in Psychology and Law

List of NCUIRE Research Assistants Spring 2021



Proposal Title

Anastasia Stats

Beth Polidoro

Gap Analyses and Extinction Risk of Caribbean Reef-Building Corals

Fernando Aguilar

Louis  Mendoza

My Country, ’tis of thee, Sweet Land of Liberty?": The Political Economy of 21st Century Immigration from Latin America:

Meghan M Gast

Katelyn L Bolhofner

Decomposition Rates & Stages in the Sonoran Desert

Richard Griffin

Theresa Devine

An Anti-Racist Video Game for the Western Art Collection at the Phoenix Art Museum

Brianna Riccomini

Jonathan Parrott

A development study of the forensically important blow fly Calliphora coloradensis collected from Arizona, U.S.A

Xioyi He

Yunpeng Zhao

Comparative Analysis of Variational Expectation-Maximization Algorithms for Community Detection in Networks

Kayla Green

Emily Springer

The Development Sector’s Big Bet on Disruptive Technologies for Social Good

Jennifer Hong

Peter Jurutka

Evaluation of Novel Drug Candidates for the Treatment of Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Thomas Bachmeier

Sangmi Lee

Ambiguous Assimilation: Generational Divide in the Acceptance of U.S. Immigrants

Tessa Jung

Lauren Weidner

Analyzing initial insect arrival and colonization on remains in Arizona

Christopher Neville

Allan Colbern

Navigating the politics of refugee and immigrant integration in the United States

Isabella R. Frias

Jonathan Parrott

A comparison of DNA extraction techniques for application to Archeoentomology samples.

Michael Collier

Deborah Hall

Indicators of Shame and Minority Stress as Predictors of Health and Functioning in Gay Male Romantic Relationships

Karen Gamez

Allan Colbern

HB2281: Arizona's Ethnic Studies Ban

Leslie Vidal Rodriguez

Vincent Waldron

Turning Points in Latinx father-offspring relationships

Kayla Borg

Nicholas Duran

Collaborative Problem Solving Outcomes and Processes of Learning

List of NCUIRE Team participants, Spring 2021 



Proposal Title

1 Mika Collins

2 Camille Edelstein

3 Nicole Santos

Breanne Fahs

Understanding Marginalized Bodies and Weight Stigma

1 Jonathan Valenzuela

2 Jordan Brown

3 Nazya Patwoary

Akua Anokye

"Telling Arizona - engaging the community in telling the Arizona story"

1 Robin Moore

2 Alexis Rodriguez



Human Trafficking in Phoenix: Victim-Centered or Criminal Justice Oriented?

1 Luisa Rodriguez

2 Bryan Salinas

3 Gail Hutchings

Laura Smalarz

Bias in Eyewitness Lineups