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photo of Vernon MorrisDr. Vernon Morris is the Associate Dean of Research and Strategic Outcomes. He works with New College faculty, administration, and stakeholders to advance strategic research, scholarly, and creative outputs, expand programmatic, or community-facing initiatives that translate our knowledge production into action and services, and increase the global impact and external funding of New College. He is especially focused on fostering a holistic culture of inclusive, interdisciplinary knowledge inquiry and discover, and expression. He works closely with Dr. Swank to execute the mission of NCUIRE and other experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates.

photo of Eric SwankDr. Eric Swank serves as the associate director of NCUIRE. He teaches research classes in   Social & Cultural Analysis and brings expertise in designing, managing and evaluating undergraduate research experiences. He writes on issues of sexual prejudice and political activism, loves talking research with students, and has published over ten peer-reviewed articles with undergraduate students.