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Why Study Abroad?

Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement (IGLE)

Why Study Abroad?

Because you can! 

People tend to assume too quickly that studying abroad will be too expensive, it doesn’t fit into our school/life/work schedule, and that it has nothing to do with our goals. IGLE provides short programs that make study abroad within reach for more students. 

Worried About the Expense?

Scholarships are available!

Opportunities are varied and the IGLE office assists students finding ways to finance their study abroad experience. Don’t assume; learn more before you decide. 

Because the world is bigger than you think

. With the growth of global challenges and engagement our futures are more than ever interconnected and interdependent. We impact each other’s lives and first hand knowledge is one vital way to make sure we learn the real stories.

“Learning how to interact with people from other countries and cultures equips future leaders in all sectors to address urgent issues shared across borders.”“Globalization is here to stay, and students who want to work in our interconnected global world should study abroad.” –New York Times  read more

Benefits for You

Academic Benefits

  • earn major, minor, or elective credits
  • gain a global perspective of your major
  • engage in hands-on learning
  • learn a foreign language

Personal Benefits

  • strengthen your personal identity
  • improve life skills such as a self-reliance, critcal thinking, problem solving, adaptability, confidence, and communiation
  • find new interests and passions


Professional/Career Benefits

  • gain a sense of direction and purpose for your future
  • obtain valuable skills for working in international environments and form professional contacts
  • learn to work independently as part of a team
  • enhance your resume and stand out in the crowd

Global Awareness Benefits

  • experience life in another part of the world
  • form friendships and contacts around the world
  • gain understanding of and adaptability to diverse cultures
  • develop familiarity with current global events and the global future

Because it can change your life. 

“Studying abroad is about so much more than improving your own future. It’s also about shaping the future of your country and the world we all share.” - Michelle Obama

Check out this video of Michelle Obama as she discusses the importance of studying aboard.

“For those of us who were lucky enough to study abroad, on-campus shenanigans seem like no substitute for the way a faraway place tugged at, molded and grew our souls. Something about the adrenaline rush of independence, coupled with the challenges of adjusting to a new place, language and culture, left us different than before in the BEST possible way.” – Huffington Post read more

“It was study abroad that changed me from a clueless first gen student into a scholar." – Dr. Darryl Hattenhauer, Associate Professor, New College


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