student playing with refugees

Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement (IGLE)

International Fieldwork Trips: Mexico/United States Border

A full one-day excursion to Tucson and Nogales, Mexico, brings to life our study of global migration . We learn first hand how Arizona’s migration issues fit into a global context. The course explores global migration & culture embedded in a transnational field of social, economic, and political relations. Activities on the fieldtrip are tailored to our course topics and may include: walk on migrant desert trails; observe an Operation Streamline court hearing; interview migrants at Grupos Beta (Mexico’s border patrol); visit maquiladora industrial area, a migrant shelter/community center; lunch with families in a colonial settlement; market basket survey to compare living costs on both sides of the border; discussions with migrants, US and Mexican experts/officials/activists about the border, migration and globalization. Fieldtrip is safely guided by staff of BorderLinks, a Tucson nonprofit educational organization.

Application Deadline: TBA
Eligibility: At least junior status
Courses: 3 credits, full-semester course ASB 340/SOC 328 Migration & Culture General Studies: G, SB