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Applications for the IGLE Travel Scholarships are now open.  Please visit the Funding page for more information: 

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Study Abroad - IGLE

Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement

Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement (IGLE)

The New College IGLE office offers study abroad experiences tailored to New College students. IGLE features three distinct short study abroad programs that allow you to have a taste of international travel without spending a semester or year away from home and family. The inexpensive travel experiences will prepare you for your future life and career in our global economy and may lead you to explore longer term study abroad.



Duku Anokye
Message from the Director

Welcome to New College’s Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement office -- IGLE (pronounced eagle).  We are here to help you realize your dreams of studying abroad. Visit this site and my office in FAB N301A to learn more about how we can help you explore the world and enhance your living and learning abroad.

-Duku Anokye




IGLE helps you leap from the classroom into the world:

 ASU Study Abroad

Global Intensive Experiences (GIE) feature courses that incorporate travel to international sites that are the focus of study during the semester. The courses center around a wide variety of topics such as culture, food, science, society, urbanism, literature, etc. from a global perspective. The 10 -14 day travel takes place during the Fall, Winter, or Spring breaks and is a requirement of the course, but eliminates students’ need to pay new tuition or fees.

For example, NEW 300, lnternational Cities is a three-credit course designed to expand the global awareness of New College students through intensive study of a major international city. Students spend the first several weeks of the course studying such areas as the history, political system, economy, geography, architecture, arts and culture of the city before visiting it during a break. During their visit, students build on what they have learned during the semester by exploring the city and experiencing its culture firsthand. Students produce projects that document their understanding of the city and its role in the world today.

 international internship

The Interdisciplinary Internship Program satisfies students’ internship requirements while meeting the New College mission to be globally engaged in socially relevant issues as problem solvers. These faculty-led internship programs connect students with issues and problems that international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social justice groups and small businesses face in order to give students the opportunity to propose interdisciplinary solutions. At the end of the internship course, students travel to a specific country to study the issue more closely and help the company/organization implement the proposed solutions.

International Fieldwork Trips are short international excursions incorporated into faculty syllabi in order to study a topic more closely.  These trips may take place over a weekend or for a day or two during the semester, and may require an additional course fee.

 ASU Study Abroad Opportunities

Traditional Programming — Live and study in Dublin, or Thailand or many other sites - one semester  (9 credit hours) of coursework applied to your ASU requirements.  For further info contact Dr. Duku Anokye, Director of IGLE.