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In the 21st century, the ability to communicate is more important than ever.  That’s why CommLabASU has developed a communication training and development program.  Our program applies the fundamentals of great communication research and practice while honoring the working professional’s style and experience. 


ASU CommLab Professional Development




“I have to present a lot as a leader, but rarely do I get an evaluation about how I present, the workshop was great about giving information and then applying it, practicing it, making changes and presenting again. I learned a great deal from the continued feedback. “ – participant comments, Spring 2018





We focus on audience-centeredness, which means we help you develop, organize, and deliver a message that makes a difference and moves your career forward.  Our innovative approach to communication training combines online and in-person instruction that works for busy schedules. If you are interested in learning more about our workshops and training modules, contact Bonnie Wentzel, Director, CommlabASU.


The Communication Lab at ASU West campus is one of the most complete labs I have had the opportunity to utilize for leader training.  They provide an excellent day of hands-on training for our leaders that is positive, productive and life-changing.  The lab allows everyone to come in with a prepared speech, practice it, get feedback, make changes to it, view themselves giving it, and present it to a larger group of peers.  Even though the leaders in our program come in with varying degrees of experience with public presentations, the lab is able to handle all of them and provide them with ready time feedback that improves everyone's ability to present and they leave with more confidence than when they came in. One of the directors this year came to me the week after training and thanked me because the one day of training helped her lead her team meetings with more confidence and she improve how she was presenting herself.  I would recommend it to anyone, but especially leaders that want to improve their leadership presence. - Pamela Brooks,  Organizational Development Consultant. ASU Leadership and Workforce Development

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