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Our innovative approach to public speaking maximizes the teaching power of the peer mentoring.  Practicing with a live audience (even if it's just one person), offers a different experience than rehearsing alone. That’s why we record each practice session, so students and their mentor can view the video afterward and assess the speaker’s strengths and areas for improvement.

ASU CommLab Our Process



Watching myself on video really helped me put myself into the audience’s shoes as well as better understand how I could improve my speech - Fall 2018 student comment.






CommLabASU mentors have successfully completed a public speaking course and participate in ongoing communication mentor training certified by the National Association of Communication Centers. This means that you will receive expert feedback from a mentor who has been in your shoes.  We approach each mentoring session utilizing the best practices we’ve developed in our 15 years of service, informed by the traditional lessons of rhetoric, civil discourse, and positive communication. We strive to create a professional, and welcoming environment.


I was fairly nervous coming into my appointment, but my mentor was very friendly, and allowed me to feel comfortable when giving my speech and receiving feedback. She was able to give me constructive criticism that will improve both the content of my speech and quality of my presentation in a very polite and respectful manner. – Spring 2018 student comment.

Students completing the introductory public speaking course (COM 225) through ASU Online also have the opportunity to work with our mentors.  Learn more about our online peer mentoring program. To learn more watch the video.


The communication lab encouraged my growth because it gave me different opinions about my speech and delivery. It was like having cheerleaders who encouraged you, but also gave you things to improve upon. Getting feedback from peers made the class feel more intimate for being an online class. -Fall 2017 online student comment.

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