students working together at commlab
Our Mission


Our Mission

At the heart of CommLabASU, we cultivate the voices of 21st century citizens. We help others discover their unique voice and develop the confidence to reach their full speaking potential. We encourage our diverse student and community population to transform and expand their traditional understanding of speaking in public and workforce preparation through engaged service, entrepreneurial, and experiential learning. We do so through dynamic applications gleaned from theory and research in communication studies. Our welcoming, friendly, and professional environment reflects our commitment to the assessment and improvement of skills and authentic community engagement.

Our People

All members of CommLabASU are committed to the ethical and professional service of others. We contribute to the greater philosophy of Arizona State University by creating an inclusive environment throughout our organization. We ask each person associated with CommLabASU to stretch their abilities and develop leadership capacity. We support every member of CommLabASU in their professional and academic achievement, while focusing on building a sustainable ensemble of dedicated communication professionals.

Our Process

Our professional model of mentoring fosters relationship-rich support of our CommLabASU associated instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate mentors and mentees. We are committed to develop instruction and research that is responsive to contemporary audiences and technology while honoring the conventional lessons of rhetoric, civil discourse, and positive communication. We will use CommLabASU's resources and work-integrated opportunities to encourage effective approaches to human communication in ways that positively impact student learning and support ASU's overall commitment to innovation.

Our Promise

We believe that every person has something to say. We promise to meet speakers where they are, regardless of education, prior life experience, culture, or background. We are dedicated to igniting voices and inspiring tomorrow's advocates.