Our People

All members of CommLabASU are committed to the ethical and professional service of others. We contribute to the greater philosophy of Arizona State University by creating an inclusive environment throughout our organization. We ask each person associated with CommLabASU to stretch their abilities and develop leadership capacity. We support every member of CommLabASU in their professional and academic achievement, while focusing on building a sustainable ensemble of dedicated communication professionals. 

Graduate Student Directors

Anthony Hannah Katie Kendra
Anthony Hannah Katie Kendra
 Lauren  Liyba  Tracey  Tyler
Lauren Liyba Tracey Tyler

 Senior Mentors

Danielle  Gary  Micheal  Pedro
Danielle Gary Micheal Pedro
 Trinity  Yumna    
Trinity Yumna    


 Adrianna  Bailey  Caren  Cassidy
Adrianna Bailey Caren Cassidy
Cena Colby Diana Elijah
Cena Colby Diana Elijah
 Jake  Jamario  Jessie  Joe
Jake Jamario Jessie Joe
 Kenna  Kevin  Kevin N  Litsey
Kenna Kevin M.  Kevin N.  Litsey
 Maggie  Makayla  Melissa  Mika
Maggie Makayla Melissa Mika
 Rasheeda  Rey  Robert  Roberto
Rasheeda Rey Robert Roberto
 Shannon  Sophia  Sophie  Stephanie
Shannon Sophia Sophie Stephanie
Tina Valerie    
Tina Valerie    

Interested in becoming a CommLabASU Mentor? Take a moment to get a quick view inside what it means to be part of our team and the exceptional work and connection that takes place over your time in the lab. COMMLabASU is a space for students to expand on the concepts they learn inside the classroom and apply them inside an experiential learning environment. Visit the lab for more information. We are located in Sands 334.

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