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Our graduate students from both Master’s and PhD programs throughout ASU represent the cutting-edge of resilience research.


photo of Elise Bailey


Elise Bailey (1st year, MS Psychology)

My research interests include examining the effect of life adversities and resilience factors on biopsychosocial development and health during periods of transition throughout the lifespan (i.e. pregnancy; adolescent development).



photo of Bailey Braunstein


Bailey Braunstein (2nd year, MS Psychology)

I am interested in the dynamics between social relationships and health. Currently, I am taking a biopsychosocial approach to investigate childhood resilience in the presence of adverse childhood events.



photo of Caldera


Karla Caldera (1st year, MS Psychology)

My research interests focus on the impacts of culture on self-identity and perceptions in immigrant and Latinx adults.




photo of Evers


Jessie Evers (2nd year, MA Counseling)

I am interested in researching romantic relationships, specifically looking into relational commitment and how that affects relationship dynamics. Furthermore, I am interested in PTSD, particularly in first responders (i.e., police & firefighters). 



photo of Graham


Kaylyn Graham (1st year, MS Psychology)

I am interested in resilience in domestic violence survivors and how it effects current relationships. 




photo of Grigsby


Courtney Grigsby (1st year, PhD Biology)

I am interested in computational evolutionary genetics. I will be working on methods for detecting variations and mutations using next-generation sequencing data.




photo of Maria


Ana Maria Melendez Guevara (3rd year, PhD Family & Human Development)

I am interested in contextual stressors that influence mental and physical health outcomes for underrepresented populations, as well as a sociocultural responsive intervention with a focus on interventions that embrace a trauma-informed approach.



photo of Hamlett


Mara Hamlett (3rd year, MS Psychology)

My research interests are in LGBTQ+ resilience and stigma management.





photo of Hocker


Lauren Hocker (1st year, PhD Counseling Psychology)

My research interests include experiences of stress between romantic partners, dyadic coping, interpersonal violence, and gender and sexual minorities. 




photo of Hopkins

Jessica Hopkins (1st year, MA Counseling)

I am interested in exploring research topics relevant to close relationships, mental health, and wellbeing.





photo of Hudson

Johnny Hudson (1st year, MS Psychology)    

I am interested in studying how the internet influences development, particularly how alt-right groups influence expressions of racism (white nationalism) in American adolescents.




photo of Jenkins


Diana Jenkins (3rd year, PhD Family & Human Development)

I am interested in sexism, masculinity, and the sexualization of women in young adulthood in the context of interpersonal relationships.




photo of Kaneris


Marianna Kaneris (2nd year, MS Psychology)     

My research area includes examining the relationships of psychosocial factors and health behaviors on mental health and well-being outcomes. 




photo of Kline

Kai Kline (1st year, PhD Counseling Psychology)

My research examines individual/relational constructs among gender and sexual minorities. Specifically, how TGNC individuals' experiences of gender dysphoria and internalized transphobia impact their relationships.




photo of Malouf


Laura Malouf (1st year, PhD Family & Human Development)   

Impact of gender socialization and stigmatization on social relationships, help-seeking, achievement, and health outcomes; health discrepancies among gender, sexual, and ethnic minorities. 



photo of Morris


Kamryn Morris (3rd year, PhD Family & Human Development)

My research focuses on racial discrimination stress and posttraumatic stress symptoms among Black youth in relation to their navigation of the school context.




photo of Morse


Stephanie Morse (4th year, PhD Criminology and Criminal Justice)   

My work is focused on offender rehabilitation and promoting resilience and positive outcomes with correctional populations.




photo of Mostoller


Alexis Mostoller (1st year, MS Psychology)

I am interested in studying gender role strain in the context of toxic masculinity on social support seeking. 




photo of Munson


Aubrie Munson (1st year, MS Psychology)   

I am interested in learning if and how using touch to regulate affect varies in people with past interpersonal trauma when compared to those without.




photo of Quiroz


Selena Quiroz (2nd year, PhD Developmental Psychology)

Main area of research: Formation, maintenance, and dissolution of romantic relationships in adolescence and young adulthood, with particular interest in technology and dating violence.




photo of Samrock

Steven Samrock (1st year, PhD Counseling Psychology)

I am interested in international same sex couples, how racial and queer identity factor into dyadic stress coping. 





photo of Sawrey


Brittany Sawrey (1st year, MA Counseling)

My main area of research is exploring the particular mental health concerns of conservationists and environmental professionals, and how best to support and foster their resiliency.




photo of Shufford


Kevin Shufford (4th year, PhD Communications)

I study relational dynamics between romantic partners, as well as fitness trainers-clients, with a particular focus on computer-mediated communication. 




photo of Thibault


Stephanie Thibault (2nd year, PhD Family & Human Development)

My research focuses on the impact of peer relationships on child development, particularly peer victimization (aka bullying) at school. 




photo of Wheeler


Brittany Wheeler  (2nd year, MS Psychology)

My research interests include workplace intergroup relations, the impact of social media use and online communication on young adults, and quantitative methodology.