NCEHSS students presenting their poster at Family Night
Summer 2022 Highlights


Summer 2022 Highlights

Scholars presented posters during Family Night on July 28th.  Click on the links below to view student posters.

Project Title and NCEHSS Authors Mentor
"Analyzing Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Antarctic Moss Species: How Does the Environment Influence Microorganism Diversity and Abundance?" by A. Swanton and D. Figueroa Dr. Ball
"Determining the LD50 of Perfluoroalkyl Acids to Joshua Trees" by N. Hakim and A. Stephens Dr. Cahill
"Voracity in Desert and Urban Black Widow Spiders Subjected to ALAN Treatment" by B. Ballantyne and T. Pedroza Dr. Johnson
"Characterization of Microbial Metaproteomes Following Exposure to Naphthalene" by J. Overbey Dr. Sandrin
"Land Management Reveals Differing Concentrations of Heavy Metals" by M. Applegate, B. Ballantyne, D. Figueroa, N. Hakim, V. Layman, J. Overbey, T. Pedroza, A. Stephens, and A. Swanton Dr. Sweat
"Synthesis of Two Novel Fluorinated Rexinoids" by M. Applegate and V. Layman Dr. Wagner