photo of 3 students standing by their research poster
Summer 2021 Highlights


Summer 2021 Highlights

Scholars presented posters during Family Night on July 29th.  Click on the links below to view student posters.


Project Title and Student Authors Mentor
"Impacts of Altered Precipitation on Aboveground-Belowground Interactions in the Sonoran Desert" by A. Morrison, and K. Bergin Dr. Ball
"Determining the Phytotoxicity of Perfluoroalkyl Acids to Joshua Tree Seedlings" by G. Soberanes Rodriguez and M. Gonzalez Dr. Cahill

"Fish and Jaw Morphology Effect on American Samoa Arsenic Absorption" by J. Patricio Palacios, and A. Ronan

"Bite Force Estimates for Greenland Sharks Using Anatomy and Modeling" by S. Sawant and A. Ronan

Dr. Ferry
"Can You Keep Up with the City Life?" by K. Molino, M. Stapleton, A. Wykle Dr. Hackney Price
"Does Income Level Predict the Abundance of Black Widows in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area?" by R. Hayes, C.A. Rojas, D. Willis, J. Rusnak Dr. Johnson
"Analysis of Nutraceuticals for RXR Homodimerization" by E. Furphy and A. Karbergovic Dr. Marshall

"Method of Study for Phthalates in Seafood from the Philippines" by E. Fouts

"Water Quality Analysis of the Arizona Canal" by I. Cruz Enriquez

Dr. Polidoro
"Protein-Ligand Binding Analysis for a PLP Dependent Decarboxylase and Steady-State Kinetics for Malate Dehydrogenase" by C. Vo, M. Lanes, P. Dadi Dr. Shah
"Two Synthesized Rexinoids Compared to Tributyltin Analyzed in Yeast-2-Hybrid Assay" by M.T. Bakken and H. Pham Dr. Wagner
"Method Development of Residuals on Jalapenos" by M.K. Dote and S. Griffith Dr. Watanabe