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Fund Guidelines

Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies (CCICS)

The Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies Faculty Subvention Funds Guidelines

The Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies (CCICS) provides a limited number of grants up to $1,000 for faculty support to New College faculty in Humanities and Arts for publication via subvention funds.  The most requested funds are for indexing and art royalty fees.  If you are a (New College) tenure-track or tenured faculty working in a CCICS-related area, you are eligible to apply.

Due to limited funds, CCICS gives preference to first, full-time junior faculty, and second, full-time faculty who have not previously received support from CCICS. 

The following is required for applying for funds:

  1.  A cover letter which includes full bibliographical [author(s), press, title, and expected date of publication] information on the book, as well as your rank and any other CCICS funding you have received.
  2. Supporting documentation from the press with itemized expenses (for which you are seeking support).

Requests meeting the above criteria will be evaluated by the CCICS Board. The CCICS Board will consider requests twice a year, with the first round due by September 30, and the second January 30.  Decisions are made within 30 days. 

Please send your requests to Shari Collins,