Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies (CCICS)

The Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies (CCICS), a unit within the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies (HArCS) of ASU’s New College, has two related missions:

  1. To foster and sustain, through research clusters, new intellectual communities for the faculty of the New College, and
  2. To promote innovative relationships and collaborative research among ASU faculty more broadly.

Based in our unique grouping of scholars in the humanities, arts, performance, and cultural studies, we are a hub for transformative humanistic inquiry, artistic expression, and creative trans-disciplinary collaboration. Seeking to chart the future of humanities research, CCICS is culturally diverse and intellectually inclusive. CCICS’s research clusters invigorate campus-wide conversations, provide sites of performance, initiate public forums, and boost individual faculty research achievements. We promote critical and creative inquiry along many lines: collaborative scholarship and intermedia production; scholarship generated in virtual locales and vernacular idioms; and cutting-edge historical study of disparate cultures and societies.

Shari Collins

Director of the Center
Shari Collins
Associate Professor
School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Arizona State University, West campus
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Eric Wertheimer - ASU

Co-Founder of the Center
Eric Wertheimer
Associate Vice Provost
Graduate College
Arizona State University
Ex-Officio Advisory Board
PRL Cluster
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