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Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies (CCICS)


Kaylee de Tranaltes is a  medical student at University of Arizona. She graduated with a BS in biology and a minor in philosophy. In this talk, Ms. de Tranaltes will discuss how studying the humanities in general, and philosophy in particular, will help her become a better and more effective doctor. This talk is sponsored by the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation and ASU’s Center for Critical Inquiry and Cultural Studies



Dr. Owen Anderson is an associate professor of philosophy and religious studies in ASU's New College. In 2013-2014 he was the William E. Simon research fellow in the James Madison Program at Princeton University and a visiting scholar at Princeton Seminary. He has published seven books including The Declaration of Independence and God (2015) and The Natural Moral Law (2013) with Cambridge University Press. His areas of research include epistemology, the ethics of belief, intellectual history, and religious pluralism. He regularly teaches Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Philosophy, Applied Ethics, World Religions, Western Religious Traditions, and Religion in America.



Ersula J. Ore is the Lincoln Professor of Ethics in The School of Social Transformation and Assistant Professor of African & African American Studies and Rhetoric at Arizona State University. Her work examines the suasive strategies of aggrieved communities as they operate within a post-emancipation historical context. Her book A Rhetoric of Civic Belonging (forthcoming with University of Mississippi Press), explores lynching as a racialized practice of civic engagement that has, from the 1880s onward, communicated the meanings and boundaries of citizenship in the U.S. The book gives particular attention to the civic roots of lynching, the relationship between lynching and white constitutionalism, and contemporary manifestations of lynching discourse and logic today. Dr. Ore is a 2013 Institute for Humanities Research Fellow at ASU and a 2011 Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award Recipient. In this video, Dr. Ore recounts her experiences being arrested for jaywalking by the ASU police and how it has infused her research pertaining to black identity in the United States.



Sharon J. Kirsch is an Associate Professor of English and Rhetorical Studies in the New College at Arizona State University. She serves Faculty Honors Advisor for Barrett, The Honors College. In this video. Dr. Kirsch speaks about her fight against the privatization of Arizona public schools as co-founder of Save Our Schools Arizona.