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New Students

Congratulations on your admission to PSM Forensic Science!

Accepting Admission Offer: Register Today

Secure your spot in the program by registering for classes as soon as possible.  Click on  "Register for Your First Semester" below for guidance on selecting courses in your first semester.  If you have questions after reviewing this information please reach out to or schedule an advising appointment.

Deferring Admission Offer

If you are unable to enroll in the term that you originally applied for then please review your options to defer admission.

Declining Admission Offer

We understand that plans change.  If you do not wish to attend this program please email with your full name, ASU ID number (located on admissions letter), and your intention to decline the offer.  This will help to ensure that ASU advisors and coaches do not reach out regarding next steps and registration.

ASU offers classes in the fall, spring, and summer terms divided into multi-week sessions.  Each session has different dates for important university processes (such as enrolling in classes, dropping a class, refunds, finals, etc.).  Consult the Academic Calendar for more information.

The PSM Forensic Science program is a cohort based program requiring specific course registration based on your start term (Fall, Spring, Summer) and year.  Please select your Start Term and Year below for your course sequence.

Start Date: Spring 2023
Start Date: Summer 2023
Start Date: Fall 2023

Now What?

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     ASU Graduate Admissions Next Steps

Students are responsible for information contained on this advising website, we recommend that you bookmark this page.  Prior to the beginning of your first semester please ensure that you have reviewed the information linked under "Policies" and "Resources" available on this page.

Current Students

The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has a team of Academic Success Advisors available to support you throughout your graduate career.  Academic Success Advisors are available weekdays from 8 am - 5 pm MST.

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Degree Requirements

The PSM Forensic Science program requires 30 credit hours including 6 credit hour culminating experience.

ASU Catalog and Degree Search: Forensic Science, PSM

PSM Forensic Science Advising Fall 2022 Checksheet: Forensic Science, PSM

PSM Forensic Science Advising Fall 2023 Checksheet: Forensic Science, PSM

Plan of Study (iPOS)

What is the Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS)?

The Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) functions as an agreement between the student, the academic unit, and the ASU Graduate College. It will support you as you make progress toward your degree requirements. (Learn More)

The iPOS allows you to plan for your course load, can guide registration each term, and provides an anticipated timeline for degree completion.

How do I select courses for my iPOS?

At the time of admission to an online graduate program in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences students are provided with a sequence of courses.

How to create an iPOS

To access the iPOS: Login to My ASU. From the My Programs box, under the Programs tab, select iPOS. Select Graduate Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS). Note: Pop up blockers may need to be turned off.  You will find instructions for submitting the iPOS in the downloadable how-to guide.

For additional information review the Program Handbook.

When do I register?

Consult the ASU Academic Calendar to view registration dates.  Registration Dates also populate on your MyASU page.

What do I register for?

New students and continuing students without an approved interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) on file should reference the recommended course sequences below.  If you have completed one or more semesters of study in the program then please file your iPOS as soon as possible.  The recommended course sequence can guide this process or contact your Academic Success Advisor.

Recommended Course Sequences

Start Date: Fall 2021
Start Date: Spring 2022
Start Date: Summer 2022
Start Date: Fall 2022
Start Date: Spring 2023
Start Date: Summer 2023
Start Date: Fall 2023
Start Date: Spring 2024
Start Date: Summer 2024

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your master's degree.  There are a few administrative items that need your attention:

1.) Ensure you have an approved and up-to-date iPOS on file.

2.) Apply for graduation via MyASU Applying for graduation and registering to attend in-person graduation ceremonies are separate but related issues.

Applying and paying your graduation fee ensures that your degree will be processed after coursework is complete and certification of your degree is issued.  Registering for attendance at ceremonies ensures that seating will be made available for you and your guests for the event(s) you will attend.  It also ensures tickets will be reserved for those events that require tickets.

For more detailed information: Program HandbookNew College ConvocationUniversity Commencement.


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