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Congratulations on your admission to the PSM program in Forensic Science (Online) at Arizona State University! We recognized your potential to succeed in a graduate program and we are here to help you navigate the next step in your career.

The online PSM in Forensic Science program will ready students for career advancement by providing them with greater educational depth and breadth in the forensic sciences and through the development of new competencies related to laboratory supervision and management. Our program is designed to instill advanced skills in scientific inquiry as well as critical laboratory leadership that will ready students for administrative and advancement opportunities. The PSM also trains students on how to work with regulatory bodies that provide the framework for oversight in forensic laboratories.

This program requires 30 credit hours of coursework, which includes a 6-credit hour culminating experience. The program requires students to follow the prescribed 4-semester course sequence for their admit term.

Arizona State University comprises sixteen colleges and schools spread across four campuses in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. The online PSM program in Forensic Science is offered by the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, which is part of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at ASU's West Campus in Phoenix, AZ.

If you have any questions about our Online Forensic Science program, feel free to contact 

For information on steps to register, please visit the University’s Registrar’s Office Website:

Course Load Information 

Fall Admits: Fall (9 credit hours), Spring (9 credit hours), Summer (6 credit hours), Fall (6 credit hours)

Spring Admits: Spring (9 credit hours), Summer (6 credit hours), Fall (9 credit hours), Spring (6 credit hours)

Summer Admits: Summer (6 credit hours), Fall (9 credit hours), Spring (9 credit hours), Summer (6 credit hours)

Course Sequences 

Students in the online PSM in Forensic Science program will be assigned courses based on their admit term. It is your responsibility to review registration information and register for the appropriate courses. Any modification to the required sequence may delay graduation and/or progress in the program by up to one calendar year. It is your responsibility to ensure you are registered for the right courses. To view the required course sequence for you select the semester and year that you were admitted: 

Start Date: Fall 2020
Start Date: Spring 2021
Start Date: Summer 2021
Start Date: Fall 2021
Start Date: Spring 2022

This is an online program that requires 30 credit hours of coursework, including an applied project. Successful graduates are armed with the tools and experiences required for administrative and other advancement opportunities both within and beyond the forensic science laboratory, in both governmental and private sectors. 

Required Core Courses

FOR 525: Forensic Science and Governance
FOR 550: Ethics in Forensic Science
FOR 656: Laboratory Leaderships, Policy, and Practice

Required Forensic Science Courses

FOR 501: Forensic Toxicology OR FOR 532: Principles of Pharmacology
FOR 502: Forensic Botany OR FOR 503: Forensic Entomology
FOR 540: Advanced Topics in Human Forensic DNA
PSY 546: Advanced Forensic Psychology OR CRJ 537: Criminal Procedure of Investigations for Social and Forensic Scientists
FOR 560: Quantitative Methods in Forensic Science Research OR BMI 515: Applied Biostatistics in Medicine and Informatics OR HCD 501: Biostatistics and Data Management  

Applied Project

FOR 593: Applied Project

As a graduate student it is your responsibility to review the required course sequence for your admit term that the academic unit lays out for the students. If a student does not follow these requirements it may delay time to degree completion.

To be eligible for the culminating experience, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Up to date Plan of Study (iPOS) on file.
  • Graduate GPA, Cumulative GPA, iPOS GPA must all be at 3.00.
  • All required core courses MUST be completed prior to an enrollment override to the culminating experience.
  • All required FOR courses MUST be completed prior to an enrollment override to the culminating experience.
  • Students will be taking their culminating back to back in their last semester of the program. 

The Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) functions as an agreement between the student, the academic unit and the Graduate College. To facilitate program completion and shorten the time to complete the program, graduate students are encouraged to complete their iPOS in their first semester.

Submitting your iPOS should take about 15-20 minutes.  The ASU Graduate College has provided a list of how-to videos and resources located here.

When filing the iPOS please:

●  Refer to published course sequences based on admit term.

●  List Sreetharan Kanthaswamy as faculty Chair.

●  No updates to the staff advisor are needed.

After you submit your iPOS, a staff advisor will review your course sequence and ensure all degree requirements are listed.  Approval by the academic unit typically happens within 3-5 business days and the ASU Graduate College will provide final approval within another 2-3 business days. An iPOS can be modified after it is submitted and approved.

If you have any questions, please contact our advising team at

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