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Graduate Student Welcome

To Do List

You will need to complete the items below before the start of the Fall semester. More important items are generally listed at the top of this page, but you do not need to complete these items in the order that they are listed.

image of checkmark Save the Date

Fall 2022

Graduate Welcome & Orientation
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Students
Wednesday, August 17, 2022
3 p.m.
University Center Building (UCB) Rooms 265/266
West campus

image of checkmarkLog into MyASU & Set-up ASU Email Account

ASU students are required to have a working ASU email address. You can access the mail feature in MyASU by clicking on the "Profile" tab in the menu bar at the top. You can forward your ASU email addresses to one account, even if it is a non-ASU address (gmail, yahoo, etc.). More information on ASU email addresses can be found here.

image of checkmarkResolve Registration Holds

You may see registration holds in red font on your MyASU page under the 'Priority Tasks' box. You must address registration holds, such as the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) hold, before you are able to register. Financial holds may or may not prevent you from registering for classes. For example, one type of financial hold may allow you to register but not receive student loan funds. Another type of financial hold may require you to pay a portion of your tuition bill before you can register for future classes.

image of checkmarkClass Registration/ Review Check Sheet

Once holds are removed, you can register for classes. Knowing what classes you have to take, what flexibility you have, and other items related to classes is very important.

Review the recommended course sequence for your program. Select your program using the tabs at the top of the spreadsheet.

Utilize to find courses.

image of checkmarkSchedule an Advising Appointment

To ensure you're fully prepared to start your graduate program, please set up an hour-long advising appointment with the graduate advisor, preferably a month or two before the start of the school year (during summer). Go to to set an appointment.

image of checkmarkSign-up for Student Health Insurance

International students are automatically signed-up for health insurance. Everyone else has to enroll if they want the ASU student insurance coverage. Information about available plans can be found here: Student Health Plans.

To Enroll:

  1. Log into MyASU.
  2. Click on the "Campus Services" tab at the top.
  3. Click "Health Insurance" link in the "Health & Wellness Resources" box.
  4. Follow the directions.

Please contact ASU Health Services directly if you have questions. Your SOS graduate advisor can provide some answers, but it's almost always better to contact Health Services directly.

image of checkmarkReview (and Bookmark) the Academic Calendar

When do classes start? When is the tuition bill due? Is there a fee for registering late, and if so, what is that date? When can I see what classes are being offered next semester? What is the last day I can add or drop classes? When is spring break? What's the last day of classes? When are finals?

All of these questions and more are listed on the Academic Calendar. Don't waste time waiting for an email response or phone call to be returned if you have questions like this - look it up on the Academic Calendar. Bookmark the page to save yourself time in the future.

image of checkmarkAdd Important Items to Your Calendar

Add the orientations, welcome events, as well as important academic deadlines, to your calendar.

image of checkmarkFind Housing

Visit the On campus housing and Off campus housing pages for more details.

For questions, please contact the ASU West Housing Assistant Director of Residence Life at or 602-543-2274.

image of checkmarkComplete ASU's Online Academic Integrity Module

Maintaining academic integrity is a priority for ASU faculty and students. All new grad students are required to take an academic integrity workshop online and pass a quiz before beginning their programs.

Violating ASU academic integrity policies can have very serious consequences, including failure of a class, expulsion, or even revocation of a degree if plagiarism is discovered after a degree is awarded. At ASU, a student can fail a class with an "E" (failing) grade or a special "XE" grade that designates that the student failed because of an academic integrity violation. This can make students ineligible for admission to other universities.

Complete the Academic Integrity Module listed in your "Priority Tasks" list in MyASU.

image of checkmarkGet an ASU ID Card (SunCard)

All ASU students must obtain ID cards, which provide access to certain locations and events, let you check books out of the library, etc. Obtain a card before school starts to avoid long lines. Lanyards and card holders can be purchased at the ASU bookstore. Take good care of your card; the initial card and replacements cost $25.

Already have a SunCard? Current & former ASU students only have to get a new SunCard if the back of the card doesn't have a "2*" followed by a number. Older versions of the card do not have the "2*". The card must have this in order to give you access to the graduate student lounge area in our building (more details about this are on the ISAAC page).

Click here for details.

image of checkmarkTransportation

Parking: Review Parking on West Campus information. If needed purchase parking permit.

Other forms of Transportation: Review other options such as public transit, campus shuttles, etc. at

image of checkmarkPay Your Tuition Bill

Pay your tuition through MyASU. Click on the "Finances" tab of your MyASU page. Your tuition bill, financial aid, TA/RA tuition waiver information, etc. all appears on the Finances page.

image of checkmarkConnect with New College Faculty and Students

ASU New College on Facebook
@asunewcollege on Twitter
@asunewcollege on Instagram

image of checkmarkFinancial Support

Explore graduate student funding sources and general financial aid opportunities.

image of checkmarkUniversity Resources

Review the vast array of university resources at New College here:

image of checkmark Program Handbook

Download and review your program handbook:

Biological Data Science,MS

Communication Studies, MA

English, MA

Interdisciplinary Studies, MA

Psychology, MS (Ground)

Social Justice & Human Rights, MA (Ground)

image of checkmarkGraduate College

Review Graduate College policies and procedures as well as resources at

image of checkmarkSEVIS Check-in (International Students Only)

All international students are required to do the SEVIS check-in upon arrival in the United States. This can be completed online. For complete details and contact information for the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC), please visit their website.