Global Human Rights Hub


The Global Human Rights hub is an interdisciplinary research initiative examining the tools and strategies deployed by diverse actors to impact global human rights. This pan- ASU initia­­­­tive draws scholars from the Social Sciences and beyond to examine the ways that non-state actors generate innovative new pathways for the realization of rights and the promotion of social justice. Our scholars are currently working to examine the intersection of rights across three areas: the prospects and possibilities for international law to promote rights, gender equality, and rights violations occurring throughout the process of migration. As the international community has moved away from the Post World War II liberal international order many of the conventions of that system are imperiled in ways that threaten democratic norms. Both women and migrants are among the groups whose rights are most threatened by this shift. And international law may either exacerbate human rights violations or provide non-state groups with the agency to restore these rights. The mission of the Global Human Rights hub is to transform rigorous, cutting-edge human rights research into policy relevant recommendations that advance the cause of social justice.