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    The Future of Forensic Science Initiative

Future of Forensic Science Initiative

What is Forensic Science?

Traditional definition

Our (re)definition

The application of science to a forensic context

Generating scientific knowledge about or applying science to matters of law.

Culture of Science

ASU Forensic Science vision


ASU Forensic Science Mission



  • The mission of the Future of Forensic Science Initiative will be achieved by:

    • Inspiring scientists across disciplines at ASU and globally to yoke the advancement of fundamental human knowledge to address the very real needs of the legal system.

    • Instituting an excellent and accessible two-pronged approach to education in forensic science.  We will spark research scientists’ interest in forensic evidence as a target for their basic science advancements and eliminate pseudoscience in forensic science practice through training legal practitioners (e.g., criminalists, lawyers, judges) and the public to be more astute consumers of evidence.

    • Serving as a bridge between the science and legal practitioner communities to disseminate scientific advances to forensic scientists, policy makers, law enforcement agencies, and courts; and provide a path of communication from legal practitioner communities to scientists to inspire problem-solving ideas.

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