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Executive Board

Cognition, Behavior, and Information

photo of Nick Duran

Nick Duran - Research is focused on the ways in which complex cognitive processes are revealed in the dynamics of movement and language, both within individuals and across dyads and groups. Major areas of study include deception, perspective-taking, and collaborative problem-solving, as well as the connection between language and action, cognitive dynamics, and natural language processing and corpus analytics.

photo of Patricia Friedrich

Patricia Friedrich - Research focuses on the ways in which applied linguistics can be and is used across interdisciplinary areas as diverse as forensic investigations to diplomatic talks; from disability studies to creative writing; and from translation studies to machine learning.




photo of Joel Nishimura

Joel Nishimura - Research focuses on how simple models of behavior, learning and change can create complex systems, and given such a system, how to represent and extract information from it. Major areas of study are in network science and mathematical biology using tools from machine learning, applied dynamical systems and game theory.


photo of Derek Powell

Derek Powell - Research involves applying behavioral and data science methods to better understand higher-order cognitive processes like reasoning, judgment, and belief revision.