Cognition, Behavior, and Information

Cognition, Behavior, and Information

A new era of technology and data collection is revolutionizing how we understand the mind and behavior in both industry and academia. Cognition, Behavior, and Information (CBI) is a new interdisciplinary research collaborative at Arizona State University focused on (a) gaining psychologically-grounded insights from large-scale naturally occurring and experimentally collected data, and (b) using cutting-edge quantitative methods to draw causal inferences about real-world problems.  

Our vision is in line with the ASU Charter and the design aspirations of the New American University. This shared mission includes enabling student success, being socially embedded, conducting user-inspired research, and engaging globally to transform society.  

Cognition, Behavior, and Information at ASU aims to connect interdisciplinary researchers, scholars, students, and community members around psychological insights and cutting-edge analytics.


Behavioral Data Science

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