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Cognition, Behavior and Information



What we do

A new era of technology and data collection is revolutionizing how we understand the mind and behavior in both industry and academia. Cognition, Behavior, and Information (CBI) is a new interdisciplinary research collaborative at Arizona State University focused on gaining psychologically-grounded insights from large-scale naturally occurring and experimentally collected data, and using cutting-edge quantitative methods to draw causal inferences about real-world problems. 





Our research labs









Future students



How to apply

Apply to the Psychology, MS program at ASU New College and indicate your interest in CBI labs.

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Priority: February 1, 2024

Final deadline: July 15, 2024


Who should apply?

Students interested in hands-on research, especially those who plan to later pursue PhD programs.


What will I learn?

Curricula focus on data science methods (incl. visualization, machine learning, and statistics in R) and cognitive science courses.


Is there funding?

Yes! Successful applicants will receive full or partial funding for this degree.