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Welcome to the advising page for the M.A. in English at Arizona State University at the West Campus. Here you will find information concerning curriculum and procedures, useful both for students in the process of completing their degree and prospective applicants to the program. Current degree candidates should consult this page over the course of their degree as they approach various milestones (for example, the capstone project). In addition, students should contact the English M.A. Program Director, Chris Hanlon ( with additional questions or concerns. On behalf of the graduate faculty in English, we look forward to meeting you and helping you negotiate the challenges of graduate study.

Staff Advisor

We are here to help!  E-mail with questions related to policies and procedures to help you navigate graduate school successfully.

Faculty Advisor

As students progress through the M.A. in English, faculty advisors will help them to find courses in line with their interests while staying on track toward degree completion. The English M.A. Program Director will advise students in these areas throughout the degree, and will meet with all students at least once per semester to discuss their progress and to help with any concerns they may have. Whenever students develop concerns over anything relating to their progress toward the M.A., they should contact the Program Director ( to arrange an appointment.

As students approach degree completion, they will inevitably turn to other faculty in the program for advice and mentorship. Each capstone project, for example, requires students to work with two faculty members whose areas of expertise address students’ specific interests and ambitions. The rapport that develops from such connections becomes especially important to students seeking letters of recommendation for study at the doctoral level.

Keeping both sorts of advisory relationships in mind, students should use the Meet our Faculty web page to identify those English faculty members whose research interests intersect with their own. Students should also consult with one another and the Program Director concerning research interests and possible advisors.

The most effective way of gaining a sense for whether a faculty member would make a good advisor, of course, is to take their course. But even students who have not taken the course of a potential faculty advisor should take steps to meet with that faculty member in order to discuss areas of shared interest and, possibly, the faculty member’s availability for mentoring.

How and When to Apply

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Individualized Instruction

Advanced students in the English M.A.  program with specialized and well-developed topics may choose to take ENG 580; Practicum, ENG 590: Reading and Conference, or ENG 592: Research as an individualized instruction course, working with a faculty member independently.  Please refer to the English M.A. Program Handbook for additional policies.

After consulting with the faculty member with whom you want to work, please complete the Online Individualized Instruction Form.  After completing the form, it may take several days to receive the line number to register.

Please submit the request to complete an individualized instruction course two weeks prior to the start of any academic semester.


If you are interested in completing an Internship for academic credit, please review and complete the Graduate Studies Internship Packet.

Important Policies and Procedures

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study (iPOS) functions as a contract between the student, the academic unit, and Graduate College. Students must submit their iPOS by the time they have enrolled for 50 percent of the minimum credit hours required for their degree program.

For graduate candidates in Engilsh, the iPOS must contain the following degree requirements and list two faculty advisors:

Download an MAENG Checksheet
Download an MAENG Sample Course Schedule

Core Courses (9 Credit Hours)

ENG 502: Contemporary Critical Theories
ENG 500: Research Methods
ENG 582: Pedagogy

Elective Courses (18 Credit Hours)

Working with a faculty advisor, students will select graduate level coursework that focuses on a particular area of interest or specialty.

Culminating Experience (3 Credit Hours)

ENG 597: Graduate Capstone Seminar

Culminating Experience


The English M.A. capstone is a project undertaken at the end of the program of study. It should offer a contribution to one of the areas that make up the field of English (Literary Studies, Composition Pedagogy, Rhetorical Studies, or Linguistics) using the research methodologies of the field. Capstone projects will usually take the form of a written document approximately the length of a publishable article, though alternative delivery media may be negotiated between students and their advisors. The capstone will develop within the parameters of ENG 597, which will take the form of an independent study in which the student works closely with the Chair (primary faculty advisor) and their secondary faculty advisor. It is recommended that students do not enroll in any other courses during this final semester; however, if it is necessary to do so, students may register for one course in addition to ENG 597.

English Capstone Project Proposal Form

PDF iconeng-capstone-project-proposal-form.pdf

Student Travel

The New College may provide up to $300 to support graduate student travel to academic and professional conferences.  Students may also receive up to $950 for travel from GPSA.   

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