The Undergraduate Experience

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The Undergraduate Experience

 Watch how an Environmental Science degree at ASU New College to learn more about how the environment impacts humankind and vice versa, directly from a current student.  This is one of many degrees available through the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at the West campus.

Degree Programs

Environmental Science at ASU New College

New College Environmental Health Science Scholars Program, 2019

Undergraduate Research Experience

Research experience is critical for furthering students’ science careers. For this reason, Dr. Pamela Marshall and Dr. Jennifer Hackney-Price, professor's in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, collaborated to create competitive research opportunities for place-bound students. The result is a five-year grant funded by the National Institutes Health (NIH), The New College Environmental Health Science Scholars (NCEHSS) program. The summer program provides 10 weeks of intensive classroom instruction and lab research opportunities for promising students unable to pursue similar opportunities elsewhere.

Become Part of Excellence at SMNS

Meet Paul - a graduate from the ASU New College at West campus with a Bachelor's degree in applied computing. Find out what the highlight of his experience was during his time as an ASU West student!

Outstanding Grad, Fall 2019