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Desert Restoration Zone

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What is the Desert Restoration Zone?

The idea originally was COVID-related. Whenever professors had an Ecology class, and they need to get the students out into the field to do sampling and surveys, you had to get people to carpool and take some of their own personal vehicles. Now with COVID, that fell out. It was a logistical nightmare to get students out into the field. There are not many fields near us anymore. So instead of trying to bring the students to the field, we bring the field to the students.

Thomas Cahill, ASU Associate Professor


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Located south of Joan of Arc way at the east entrance to ASU West Valley. It is not specifically labeled, but that may occur in the future as the plants grow.

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Contact Us

For more in-depth information about volunteering, donating, or more about the DRZ, contact the coordinator, Thomas Cahill at