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Undergraduate advising

Each of our academic advisors works with specific groups of majors. Please see below to find your advisors and their contact information.

Get Connected

To find your advisor, log into your My ASU page and check under the Academic Support Team box for Academic Advising. You'll be able to see your advisors contact information and links to schedule an advising appointment. 

You can also contact the ASU West Valley Student Services Center with general questions or concerns. 

Faculty Administration Building (FAB)
Student Services Center (FAB N101)
  602-543-3000 (Campus Students)
  602-543-6265 (Online Students)

Incoming First-Year Students

Admitted first-year students will meet with their advisor during a scheduled New Student Orientation session. Visit to get started. 

Incoming Transfer Students

Admitted transfer students should schedule a one-on-one welcome appointment as soon as possible. 

Prospective Students

If you are a prospective student, please contact the New College admissions team

School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

SHArCS advisor(s)

Alec Carillo
Academic Success Advisor

Applied Science, BAS
Disability Studies, BA
English, BA
English (Secondary Education), BA
Exploratory Humanities, Fine Arts and Design
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, BS
History, BA
History (Secondary Education), BA
Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance, BA
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, BA
Latin American Studies, BA
Philosophy, Religion and Society, BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (American Studies), BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (Ethnicity, Race and Indigenous Studies), BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (Latin American Studies), BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (Peace Studies), BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (Queer and Sexuality Studies), BA
Social and Cultural Analysis (Women and Gender Studies), BA
Spanish, BA

School of Interdisciplinary Forensics

SIF advisor(s)

Rae Lyons
Academic Success Advisor, Sr.

Amber Montanez
Academic Success Advisor

Computational Forensics, BS
Forensic Science, BS
Psychology (Forensic Psychology), BA
Psychology (Forensic Psychology), BS

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

SMNS advisor(s)

Jacqueline Punt
Academic Success Advisor, Sr.

Mercedes Yanez
Academic Success Advisor

Menelek Lumumba
Academic Success Advisor

Applied Computing, BS
Applied Computing (Cybersecurity), BS
Applied Mathematics, BS
Biology, BA
Biology, BS
Biology (Pharmacology/Toxicology), BS
Biotechnology and Bioenterprise, BS
Environmental Science, BA
Environmental Science, BS
Exploratory Applied Computing, Mathematics and Technology
Exploratory Health and Life Sciences
Pharmacology and Toxicology, BS
Statistics, BS

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

SSBS advisor(s)

Ginelly Powell
Academic Success Advisor

Aging, BS
Communication, BA
Communication, BS
Conflict Resolution, BA
Exploratory Social and Behavioral Sciences
Political Science, BA
Political Science, BS
Psychology, BA
Psychology, BS
Psychology (Positive Psychology), BA
Psychology (Positive Psychology), BS
Social and Behavioral Sciences, BA
Social and Behavioral Sciences, BS
Social Justice and Human Rights, BA
Sociology, BA
Sociology, BS

Advising for online programs

Students pursuing their bachelors degree 100% online can find their advisors information below. 

Psychology online

PSY online advisor(s)

Casey Petett
Academic Success Advisor, Sr.

Robert Kiec
Academic Success Advisor

Daja Ranger
Academic Success Advisor

Diana Rodriguez
Academic Success Advisor

Caroline Tengei
Academic Success Advisor

Maggie Zhang
Academic Success Advisor

Psychology, BA
Psychology, BS
Psychology (Forensic Psychology), BA
Psychology (Forensic Psychology), BS
Psychology (Positive Psychology), BA
Psychology (Positive Psychology), BS

Undergraduate Advising Leadership

Lindsey Dickerson - Portrait

Lindsey Dickerson
Director, Undergraduate Advising

Catlin Mealey Portrait

Catlin Mealey
Assistant Director, Online Undergraduate Advising

Student services team

photo of Sotu

Sahara Otu
Program Manager, Retention

photo of Amy Aguirre

Amy Aguirre
Program Manager, Retention