Yunpeng Zhao

Assistant Professor
WEST Campus


Yunpeng Zhao is an assistant professor in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences in New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. His primary research interest includes machine learning methodology and theory in network analysis with applications in biology and the social sciences. He is also working on high dimensional data analysis with applications in genomics.


Ph.D. University of Michigan


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Program code: for Y. Zhao, Y. Wu, E. Levina, and J. Zhu. (2017) Link Prediction for Partially Observed Networks, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. for  Y. Zhao. (2018) Network Inference From Temporal  Grouped Observations, arXiv:1808.08478. for Y. Zhao, E. Levina, and J. Zhu. (2012) Consistency of Community Detection in Networks Under Degree-corrected Stochastic Block Models, Annals of Statistics.


Research Activity

Research Grant:

NSF DMS-1840203 Inference of Network Structure from Grouped Data. Principle Investigator. 09/01/2015–01/31/2019. Total amount: $120,000.


Spring 2020
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STP 427 Mathematical Statistics
STP 494 Special Topics
STP 499 Individualized Instruction
MAT 499 Individualized Instruction
Fall 2019
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STP 421 Probability
STP 499 Individualized Instruction
BIO 614 Biometry
Spring 2019
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STP 281 Stat Analysis for Researchers
STP 499 Individualized Instruction
Fall 2018
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STP 421 Probability