TRAIN - STEM Scholarship

Program Synopsis:

The TRAIN (TRAnsfer to Interdisciplinary Natural sciences) Scholarship program is a competitive program that provides funding for transfer students from Glendale Community College, Phoenix College, and South Mountain Community College, in a variety of science and math-related fields. It offers valuable training and mentoring throughout your undergraduate career. Program participation will make you more competitive for outside internships, provide you with more in-depth training in your STEM field of interest, and increase your laboratory or numerical modeling research skills. This program is available for all School of Mathematical and Natural Science majors and STEM focused BAS majors within ASU's New College who transferred from GCC, PC, or SMCC. The scholarship includes $5000 a semester for up to 4 semesters (renewable if progressing appropriately), mentoring, and research/internship opportunities. 

Student goals that include health care practitioner endpoints (Medical Doctor, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Physician Assistant, Nurse, etc.) are not eligible for this program.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1742038.

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 Minimum Eligibility:

  • Seeking a degree in applied math or computing, statistics, biology, forensic or environmental sciences, and/or pharmacology/toxicology, including BAS degrees in CAMBR (Cell and Molecular Biology Research) and Cyber Security. 
  • Full-time student who transferred from GCC, PC or SMCC
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Financial need based on FAFSA application
  • Willingness to participate in program cohort and mentoring activities
  • Willingness to participate in surveys and interviews with program researchers

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • Full time student (12 credit hours or more at ASU)
  • Pursuing a degree in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences or a BAS in a STEM field
  • Enrolled in 12 resident hours in New College, including NEW College iCourses
  • Adequate progress towards degree (as indicated by Major Map progress and advisor analysis)
  • Adherence to all ASU and ABOR student code of conduct requirements.

Preferred Applicant Characteristics:

  • Strong background in 100 & 200-level college math and science
  • Interest in gaining research experience in one of the degree programs included in the TRAIN program
  • Student has at least one year left at ASU to complete their degree
  • Previous TRAIN Scholar at a partner Community College

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