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TEDxASUWest Past Events

Talking Back at TEDxASUWest – April 2, 2019

The 2019 theme, “Talking Back” provided a platform to share ideas in relation to dialogue, power, community, and discovery. The TEDxASUWest team gathered some of the best experts from our community to showcase their valuable research, ideas, and insights. 

Missed the event? You can connect with the talks here:

Speakers Watch the TedTalk
Behl, Natasha You might be a feminist if... 
Bradford, Sam Small talk, big connections 
Cutler, Carmen  Taking back your doctor's appointment
Estle, Kendra The BS of motherhood
Hackney Price, Jennifer If genes could talk
Harrison, Keisha Can we talk?
Kassing, Jeff Giving voice to dissent
Keahey, Jennifer  Speaking for producers through the goods we buy
Kelley, Douglas Experiencing intimate space: Six ways people experience intimacy
Kim, Marianne Liveness: The beginning of performance
Kloeber, Dayna Practicing forgiveness
La Rosa, Yumi Pasion por flamenco
Mancenido, Mickey Beauty in the eyes of the machine
Mann, Annika The problem of contagion
McConnaughy, Meg Creating a space to talk back
Nadesan, Majia Global catastrophes and the risk society
Samie, Yumna  Running the imperfect race
Santistevan, Beth Entanglements of the native soul
Sepulveda, William The crisis of returning home
Tanaka, Raymund Things I learned as a grocery store bagger
Watrous, Lisa Talking back to God


Redefining Video Games at TEDxASUWest – April 30, 2011

The 2011 TEDxASUWest event illustrated the impact that video games have on our society. "Redefining Video Games" showcased the wide variety of thoughts, discussion, and research of those who have shaped and influenced the future of gaming. The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has been historically dedicated to innovative approaches to influence and help shape our culture.  The first TEDxASUWest, organized by Theresa Devine, highlighted this commitment.  Download the TEDXASUWest 2011 PDF.

Speakers Watch the TedTalk
Amresh, Ashish  
Brathwaite, Brenda  
Casper, Monica  The faces of infant mortality
Copeland, Ellis  
Furr, Cody   
Gee, James  
Guschwan, Bill  
Moon, Barry  
Persson, Joshua  
Pulver, Kyle Depict1
Ruggill, Judd  
Seager, Thomas P.  
Skakolsky, Russell Motion control in gaming 
Pfisterer, Nick Motion control in gaming
Tillery, Steve Helms The role of video games in neuroscience
Wessman, David  
Mesa Community College Dancers