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The minor in sociocultural anthropology is designed to provide students with a substantive understanding of the theoretical assumptions and methodological techniques underlying the field of sociocultural anthropology. 

The minor in sociocultural anthropology, offered by the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, is designed to provide students with a substantive understanding of the theoretical assumptions and methodological techniques underlying the field of sociocultural anthropology. Courses provide students with knowledge about and theoretical approaches to cross-cultural studies and transnational research, emphasizing culture and political economy in historical context. Specifically, students minoring in sociocultural anthropology are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill in the following areas:

  • anthropological approaches to and explanatory frameworks for the study of social issues in culture and political economy
  • application of theoretical knowledge to understanding sociocultural practices across local and global contexts
  • awareness of cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual, class and age differences and commonalities across world social formations
  • critical thinking and analytical reasoning
  • development of their own anthropological perspective for use in their everyday lives and future studies or employment
  • effective oral presentation and written communication
  • interpretation of cultural practices, social theory and social texts
  • qualitative research methods in anthropology and other social sciences and interpretive humanities including ethnographic field research and library research

Program Offered

Sociocultural Anthropology (Minor)

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New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences


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Application Requirements

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements:

Affording College

Find and apply for relevant scholarships.

Financial Aid
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Program Requirements

The minor in Sociocultural Anthropology requires 18 semester hours, at least 12 hours of which must be in upper division courses taken in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Two core courses are required, ASB 311 and SBS 302. The remaining 12 credit hours may be drawn from ASB courses and select SBS courses. Up to six hours of lower division ASB credit, three hours of ASB 499 Individualized Instruction, and three hours of ASB 484 Internship may be applied toward the minor. Up to six hours of ASB courses offered by other ASU campuses may be applied toward electives in the minor. Up to three credit hours of any study abroad course, in any prefix, may apply to this minor. All coursework within the minor must be passed with a minimum grade of "C" (2.00) or better.
Required Courses -- 6 credit hours
Electives (minimum 6 upper-division) -- 12 credit hours
Depending on a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this minor.

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