Labs & Research Groups

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences


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Analytical Chemistry Lab

Tom Cahill


Animal Behavior Lab

Chad Johnson

Applied Computing and Databases

Suzanne Dietrich

Applied Mathematics

Haiyan Wang

Crime Scene Lab

Kim Kobojek


Data Management and Analytics Research

Yasin Silva

Drosophila Injury Response (Developmental Biology) Lab

Jennifer Hackney Price

Dynamic Mathematical Modeling

Feng Wang

Evolutionary & Forensic Genetics Laboratory

Sree Kanthaswamy

Genetics and Cell Biology

Pamela Marshall

Herpetology Lab

Brian Sullivan



Erika Camacho

Microbial Biosignatures Lab

Todd Sandrin (or

Molecular Endocrinology Lab

Peter Jurutka

Morphology Lab

Lara Ferry (or

Network Security and Forensics Laboratory

Kuai Xu

Proteomics and Functional Genomics Core Facility

Todd Sandrin & Carl Wagner

Risk Assessment and Applied Toxicology Lab

Beth Polidoro

Soil Biogeochemistry Lab

Becky Ball

Synthetic and Organic Chemistry Lab

Carl Wagner



School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Clinical and Legal Judgment Lab

Tess Neal

Communication Assessment and Learning Lab

Bonnie Wentzel

DynamiCog Lab

Nick Duran

Emotion, Culture, and Psychophysiology Lab

Nicole Roberts

Family Communication Consortium

Vince Waldron

Health Behavior Research Lab

Elias Robles Sato

Identity and Intergroup Relations Lab

Deborah Hall

Laboratory for Social Judgement, Decision Making and Law

Jessica Salerno

Law and Cognition Lab

Nick Schweitzer

Social Relationships and Health Lab

Kristin Mickelson

Sport, Media & Culture Lab

Jeff Kassing and Lindsey Mean

BioSocial Psychology Laboratory

Mary Burleson


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