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Owen Anderson
Associate Professor

Anderson studies the philosophy of religion and religion in America. He has authored books exploring the relationship between reason, God and the good. His research interests include reason and common ground.

Duku Anokye
Associate Professor

Anokye is a sociolinguist with research on African Diaspora orality and literacy, folklore, discourse analysis and oral history specializing in Ghanaian culture, religion, storytelling, dance and social justice.

Becky Ball
Associate Professor

Ball is a field ecologist studying the impacts of global environmental change (such as air pollution, species loss, and climate change) on soil ecosystems. Currently her research has focused on desert and polar soils.

Scott Barclay
School Director, Professor

Barclay's research project explores the interplay of political, demographic, and social movement factors that influence the deployment of law. He has a doctorate in political science from Northwestern University..

Natasha Behl
Assistant Professor

Behl completed her doctorate at University of California, Los Angeles. Her areas of expertise are gender and politics; race, ethnicity and politics; democracy and citizenship; social Justice and human rights; and India.

Patrick Bixby
Associate Professor

Bixby's research falls primarily under the heading of Irish studies, but also addresses British modernism, postcolonial theory and criticism, Continental philosophy, and issues of travel, mobility, and the body.

Katelyn Bolhofner
Assistant Professor

Bolhofner is working to employ skeletal trauma analysis to improve diagnostic criteria that will address and curb the rising trend of physical elder abuse.

Jennifer Broatch
Assistant Professor

Broatch is a statistician who specializes in mixed models and the application of those models to educational data, the development of statistics education, and plays a key role in a number of interdisciplinary projects.

Mary Burleson
Associate Professor

Burleson earned her doctorate in psychology (behavioral neuroscience program) from ASU in 1994. Her postdoctoral training was at Ohio State University. She joined the ASU faculty in 1997.