Psychology (Forensic Psychology) (BS)

New College's Forensic Psychology, BS program investigates the intersection of psychology and the law, specifically in the courtroom. Graduates of this program use their deep knoweldge of criminal law, behavior, mental disorders and legal decision-making to become expert witnesses in a court of law. The Bachelor of Science concentration provides greater depth into biological and neuroscientific aspects of psychology.

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a BS degree in psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology through the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the West campus of Arizona State University.

Forensic psychology is the application of psychology to the law. This concentration combines general training in psychology with specialized coursework in criminal law, criminal behavior, the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and legal decision-making.

When courts are faced with cases in which a psychology-related question arises, they may turn to psychologists and ask for help with the case. For example, psychologists might assist the court in understanding a criminal's mental state at the time of a crime or whether a particular jury might have been biased against a defendant based on his or her race. This is the realm of forensic psychology.

This program will teach students about the various roles for psychologists in the legal system and help them discover which roles they might like to pursue through careers in mental health, criminal justice or through graduate training.

The Bachelor of Science degree differs from the Bachelor of Arts degree in that it requires two additional lab courses and advanced statistical training. The BS degree will provide a greater depth of knowledge in the biological and neuroscientific aspects of psychology that are becoming increasingly important both for research and clinical forensic practice. In addition, the advanced statistical training will further prepare students for careers and graduate training involving psychological research, clinical research and legal policy research.

Degree Offered

Psychology (Forensic Psychology) (BS)
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, New College of

West, Online

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Application Requirements

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.

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Career Outlook

The Bachelor of Science degree program in psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology prepares students for careers in the criminal justice and mental health fields. Many careers in psychology require graduate training, and this program is also designed to prepare students for master's degree and doctoral programs in legal, clinical and forensic psychology.

Example Careers

Students who complete this degree program may be prepared for the following careers. Advanced degrees or certifications may be required for academic or clinical positions. Career examples include but are not limited to:

Career*growth*median salary
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors 22.3%$39,270
Social Workers, All Other3.8%$59,100
Clinical Data Managers 33.8%$79,990
Clinical Psychologists 19.6%$68,900
Compliance Managers 3.9%$105,060
Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers 5%$56,810
Counseling Psychologists 19.6%$68,900
Counselors, All Other11%$44,830
Forensic Science Technicians 26.6%$55,360
Criminal Investigators and Special Agents-1.2%$79,870
Police Detectives-1.2%$79,870
Social Science Research Assistants5.6%$39,460
Intelligence Analysts -1.2%$79,870
Lawyers 5.6%$114,970
Healthcare Social Workers 19.3%$51,930
Mental Health Counselors 19.6%$40,850
Neuropsychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists 9.8%$92,110
Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists3.6%$49,060
Psychiatric Aides5.3%$26,220
Psychiatrists 14.9%$181,880
Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary 15.8%$68,690
Regulatory Affairs Managers 3.9%$105,060
School Psychologists 19.6%$68,900
Security Managers 3.9%$105,060
Social and Community Service Managers9.5%$62,740
Social Work Teachers, Postsecondary 13.9%$62,440
Child, Family, and School Social Workers6.2%$42,120
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers 18.9%$41,380

* Data obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).

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