NSF awards grant to ASU professors for cybersecurity research

Kuai Xu and Feng Wang of Arizona State University's New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences were recently awarded $382,751 by the National Science Foundation for a cybersecurity research project.

The three-year project, "Towards Secure Home Networks,” will develop innovative techniques to extract and model communication patterns of connected objects and "internet of things" in smart homes via machine learning, artificial intelligence and graphical models for improved security monitoring and network management. 

With the ultimate goal of securing the internet at large, the project helps secure one home a time. It will develop a wide spectrum of algorithms and systems to help home users properly and easily manage and secure their smart-home networks with intelligent and automated solutions which summarize what is going on in home networks, explain why some observed behaviors are associated with normal or suspicious activities and suggest how to defend against security threats and stop unexpected behaviors with simple and actionable steps.

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