New interdisciplinary study abroad trip funded


Dave Hunt

A brand new, innovative, and interdisciplinary study abroad experience, hosted by New College, has been created and funded for the next two years. Beginning in the summer of 2018, Drs. Becky Ball and Susie Sandrin, and Professor Richard Lerman will combine biology and art to train students collaboratively in scientific research and its communication through creative works.

Undergraduate students from both science and art-related majors will conduct course-based research projects in Arctic Finland, comparing their experiences with those from the desert environment found in Arizona.

New College's Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement (IGLE) program, in conjunction with ASU Study Abroad, will send 20 students over the course of two years to research and study at Kilpisjärvi Research Station in Arctic Finland.

This pilot program will be evaluated to determine how the experience impacts student learning, attitudes about the sciences and arts, and faculty perceptions of interdisciplinary instruction.

For more information on this study abroad opportunity and the many others offered through IGLE, please click here.