Family Night 2019

Scholars presented posters during family night on August 1st.  Click on the links below to view the poster.

"Analyzing the Ventral View During Prey-Capture in Molly Fish, Cyprinodontiformes" by A. Felix, I. Ibrahim, and L. Ferry

"The Effects of Ecdysone on Black Widow Behavior and Development" by M. Heeb, G. Palomino, J. Hackney Price

"Determining Cytosolic Calcium Responses to Ferrous Sulfate Concentrations in Mutant Strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae" by J. Acosta, J. McCarter, and P.A. Marshall

"How Metal is Your Campus?" by J. Acosta, A. Felix, M. Heeb, I. Ibrahim, J. Macedo, J. McCarter, M. Page-Park, G. Palomino, F. Ruelas Garcia, and K. G. Sweat

"Synthesis of Two Potent Rexinoids at the Gram Scale for In-Vivo Cancer Studies" by F. Ruelas, M. Page-Park, and C.E. Wagner

"In-Vitro Cell Lines and Their Estradiol and Estrogen Receptor Concentrations" by J. Macedo and K.H. Watanabe



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