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NCEHSS Faculty

Faculty mentors in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Name Biography and Research Interests
Dr. Pamela Marshall, Principal Investigator https://newcollege.asu.edu/pamela-marshall
Dr. Jennifer Hackney Price, Principal Investigator https://newcollege.asu.edu/jennifer-hackney-price
Dr. Karen H. Watanabe, Principal Investigator https://newcollege.asu.edu/karen-watanabe-sailor
Dr. Becky Ball https://newcollege.asu.edu/becky-ball
Dr. Thomas Cahill https://newcollege.asu.edu/thomas-cahill
Dr. Lara Ferry https://newcollege.asu.edu/lara-ferry
Dr. Chad Johnson https://newcollege.asu.edu/chad-johnson
Dr. Peter Jurutka https://newcollege.asu.edu/peter-jurutka
Dr. Beth Polidoro https://newcollege.asu.edu/beth-polidoro
Dr. Todd Sandrin https://newcollege.asu.edu/todd-sandrin-dean
Dr. Dhara Shah https://newcollege.asu.edu/dhara-shah
Dr. Francisco Solis https://newcollege.asu.edu/francisco-solis
Dr. Carl Wagner https://newcollege.asu.edu/carl-wagner


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