NC:30 Film Series

NC:30 Film Series: Celebrating 30 years of ASU's West campus

Arizona State University's West campus hsa enjoyed a storied history since its groundbreaking in 1985. Located in the heart of Glendale, AZ, even the very creation and architectural design of the campus itself is a story to be told. New College's nc:30 film series aims to tell the story of West campus, and the people that form the heart and soul of this oasis in the desert. The formation of and nearly three-decade run of the MLK March on West; the transition from commuter school to residential experience in 2001; students overcoming incredible odds to pursue their dreams of earning a college degree; the stories are endless, inspiring, and unforgettable. Join us on this journey as we discover the past, present, and future of ASU's West campus!

"Seeking Asylum" TRAILER

"Seeking Asylum" Trailer

16 students from across ASU travel to Athens, Greece in 2017 to work with refugees seeking asylum from war, persecution, and famine in the Middle East. This NC:30 documentary tells the story of these students' experience, and more importantly, the experiences of the refugees themselves. This trailer previews the full film, scheduled to be released in February 2018.

nc:30 - The Spectrum of Advocacy

"The Spectrum of Advocacy"

Greggory Ohannessian earned his Master's degree in Communication Studies from New College this spring. The challenges he had to overcome to achieve his dreams, however, make it all the more incredible.

NC:30 - "One in a Million - The Bandak Lul Story"

"One in a Million"

Bandak Lul never stopped believing he was destined for greatness. Surviving life in a refugee camp in Africa was only his first hurdle to accomplishing his dreams...and helping those like him travel the path he's already paved.