School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Welcome to the New College’s School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, which focuses on the understanding and exploration of natural and applied sciences and mathematics.

Through rigorous coursework and research opportunities, our dedicated faculty and staff work side-by-side with students to customize their programs. Students can tailor their degree with their career goals and personal interests in mind.

Graduates are prepared for work in healthcare, forensic science, pharmaceutics, scientific research, environmental consulting and management, outreach and advocacy, science education, quality control, actuarial science, tech and internet security, business,computer science or any field in which a solid base of scientific and mathematical knowledge, proficiency in scientific inquiry, and the ability to apply these skills to life situations is highly valued. Our graduates are also prepared to enter professional school (medical, dental, veterinary, etc.) and graduate school. 

Led by Director Roger Berger, the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences offers eight majors, and equips students with a solid foundation in math, science and inquiry that will serve them well in their future educational or career pursuits. Programs offered include:

Bachelor’s degree programs: