School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Our faculty work to resolve key issues faced by our civilization, which are addressed through our research, teaching, and in our community outreach. We seek to infuse our students and the greater community with the ideals of impact, excellence, and access. We strive to create an inclusive student experience with extensive interdisciplinary opportunities.  At the core of this experience is the opportunity for our students to work side-by-side with our faculty conducting authentic research in STEM disciplines. Our students are proficient in scientific inquiry and critical thinking, and ready to apply their skills to real life situations.In the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences we strive to educate and empower future STEM scholars and innovators.

Our 30+ faculty members include statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, forensic scientists, biologists, biotechnologists, and other natural science disciplines. Our research is funded by multiple federal and state agencies and we are one of the fastest growing research enterprises at the Arizona State University.

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degree Programs Offered at SMNS

ASU Applied Computing degree

Students in the BS program in applied computing learn a computer science foundation and then explore the established knowledge and emerging developments in the high-demand areas of database... read more

ASU ACO cybersecurity degree

The cybersecurity concentration is designed to prepare students for a continuing and progressive career in cybersecurity.

The innovative cybersecurity concentration builds upon the BS... read more

ASU Applied Mathematics degree

The BS in applied mathematics is an interdisciplinary program that provides a broad and rigorous foundation in applied mathematics. It includes a foundation in computing and statistics as well as... read more

ASU Biology, BS degree
Biology (BS)

The BS program in biology with an emphasis in the natural sciences examines these disciplines through experiential learning, and all of the program's core courses include laboratories. By learning... read more

ASU Biology, BA degree
Biology (BA)

The BA program in biology with an emphasis in the natural sciences examines the interdisciplinary nature of the life and physical sciences, focusing on the ways in which these disciplines... read more

ASU Biology (Pharmacology / Toxicology) degree

The pharmacology and toxicology concentration of the BS program in biology provides an emphasis in the biochemical, molecular and physiological components of drug and body interactions.

The... read more

ASU Biotechnology - Bioenterprise

The BS program in biotechnology and bioenterprise provides students with essential transdisciplinary and practical experience in biotechnology research. Students acquire the associated business... read more

ASU Computational Forensics degree

The BS in computational forensics is a multidisciplinary degree program that encompasses areas of physical, biological and social sciences with an additional focus on statistics and computation.... read more

ASU Environmental Science, BS degree

The study of human impact on the earth's ecosystems and resources has become increasingly important over the past 20 years. The BS program in environmental science is dedicated to finding... read more

ASU Environmental Science, BA degree

The study of human impact on the earth's ecosystems and resources has become increasingly important over the past 20 years. The BA program in environmental science is dedicated to finding... read more

ASU Forensic Science degree

Forensic science is the study and application of scientific methods to matters of law. The BS program in forensic science emphasizes laboratory coursework in chemistry and biology as both areas... read more

ASU Pharmacology and Toxicology degree

Students in the BS program in pharmacology and toxicology study how foreign materials react with human bodies. To have a thorough understanding of the interactions of chemicals in the biological... read more

ASU Statistics degree

Almost every industry in the modern economy relies on the collection and analysis of data. The BS program in statistics prepares students to meet the demands of the ever-growing data analysis... read more

SMNS Graduate Degrees

ASU Biological Data Science

The MS program in biological data science provides students with real-world training at the interface of the natural and mathematical sciences.

Students learn to manipulate big data,... read more

Forensic Science, PSM

The PSM program in forensic science readies students for career advancement by providing them with greater educational depth and breadth in the forensic sciences, and through the development of... read more

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Labs / Spaces: 

Lab/Space Faculty Contact Website
Analytical Chemistry Lab Tom Cahill email:
Animal Behavior Lab Chad Johnson  
Applied Computing and Databases Suzanne Dietrich
Applied Mathematics Haiyan Wang
Biological Imaging Core Facility Lara Ferry
Crime Scene Lab Kim Kobojek email:
Data Management and Analytics Research Yasin Silva
Drosophila Injury Response (Developmental Biology) Lab Jennifer Hackney Price
Dynamic Mathematical Modeling Feng Wang
Eukaryotic Genetics Lab Pamela Marshall email:
Evolutionary & Forensic Genetics Laboratory Sree Kanthaswamy
Herpetology Lab Brian Sullivan email:
MathBio Erika Camacho
Mathematical and Pedagogical Statistics Roger Berger
Microbial Biosignatures Lab Todd Sandrin (or
Molecular Endocrinology Lab Peter Jurutka
Morphology Lab Lara Ferry (or
Network Security and Forensics Laboratory (NFL) Kuai Xu
Proteomics and Functional Genomics Core Facility Todd Sandrin & Carl Wagner
Risk Assessment and Applied Toxicology Lab Beth Polidoro
Soil Biogeochemistry Lab Becky Ball
Synthetic and Organic Chemistry Lab Carl Wagner email:
Systems Biology and Toxicology Laboratory Maxwell C. K. Leung