Students west campus forensic day visit

A lesson in forensics


Deanna Dent

It's a job that's been glamourized through many television crime shows, but that doesn't make "real" forensics work any less interesting. Last week, students from different Arizona and California high schools traveled to Arizona State University's West campus to learn about the university's forensics program, taught out of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. 

ASU's bachelor's in forensics prepares students in a variety of disciplines — such as biology, chemistry, mathematics and computing. And the application of forensic science isn’t limited to the courtroom. Hospitals often use forensic science to determine cause of death in autopsies, and insurance companies have used forensic science to analyze data for claims. Students of forensic science are also qualified to work in private labs that do biological analyses, and they are well-prepared to continue on to law or medical school.

Here's a look at those students checking out ASU's forensics work.