INQUIRE - Undergraduate Journal


Mission Statement: The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences is committed to excellence in undergraduate research. Inquire: A Journal of Undergraduate Research is a cornerstone of that effort. The mission of the journal is to recognize and encourage the outstanding scholarship of ASU’s undergraduates by providing a professional forum for publication. Publication is the ultimate capstone of many research efforts. The journal also seeks to introduce students to the variety of interdisciplinary modes of inquiry through intensive student involvement in the production and dissemination of the journal through an apprenticeship model.

Undergraduate research journals not only promote and recognize the academic success of students, but they encourage further student work, empowering students who realize that they, too, can become part of the production of knowledge and present their work in a public forum such as this.

ASU INQUIRE Journal View the first issue of the INQUIRE Journal online.

To submit: Email your paper as an attachment to In the email itself, please provide your contact information. Please also include a statement confirming that the submission is your own original work.

To submit your work you should be currently enrolled as an undergraduate at ASU to submit. Submissions will be reviewed by faculty, and the journal will be edited by a team of students from New College working closely with New College faculty. Papers should be no more than 5000 words and should be formatted in the most relevant citation system (APA for the social sciences, MLA for Humanities, and those in Sciences and Mathematics should format according to the most relevant journal in their field).

For resources on citation formats see and also