School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

Welcome to the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies at the New College, where students learn to think critically about the human experience and communicate effectively while working within, outside, and across the boundaries of traditional liberal arts disciplines.

Through rigorous, interdisciplinary coursework, students and faculty seek to break down the walls between different areas of study to understand where and how they intersect. Students gain powerful, life-enriching, practical skills that enable them to think outside the box and equip them to solve global challenges, making them excellent candidates on the job market.

Students work directly with accomplished faculty members who are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research. Our esteemed faculty also includes both Emmy- and Grammy award-winning artists and leading researchers in a broad range of fields.

Our graduates work in community-based organizations, non-profits, business, entrepreneurship, public relations, healthcare management, publishing, policy analysis, politics, social justice, brand strategy, grant writing, cultural and performance arts, education, human resources, and a range of professional settings where cultural competency, excellent written and oral communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are highly valued. Our graduates are also well prepared to seek advance degrees in a variety of disciplines including the arts, humanities, and the law.

Led by Director Louis Mendoza, the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies is located at the West campus and offers 14 bachelor’s degree programs as well as six certificates. With a broad range of programs available, the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies provides an unforgettable and practical educational experience. Programs offered include:

Bachelor’s degree programs:




Labs / Spaces:

Art Space West
Dance Studio
Media Lab
Oral History and Ethnography Collaborative
Painting Studio
Photography Lab
Second Stage West
Sound Lab

For more information about our artistic spaces, please call 602-543-7000.