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Interdisciplinary Studies, M.A.

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Capstone - Interdisciplinary Studies, M.A.

The capstone is the integrative project undertaken at the end of the program of study.  It may take the form of a traditional research paper, an original creative work, or an applied project.  NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF THE CAPSTONE SEMESTER, students must submit a capstone project proposal, which must then be approved by the Program Director and your faculty advisors.  The proposal should outline the interdisciplinary nature of the capstone project, as well as its original contribution to the relevant field(s) of scholarship and/or creative activity.  Students who are interested in further study beyond the MAIS degree should consider preparing a capstone project that prospective doctoral programs would recognize as the equivalent of a master’s thesis in their field(s).

When do I register for MAS 585: Capstone?

MAIS students register for MAS 585: Capstone in their final semester of study.  This course is structured as an independent study in which the student works closely with the Chair (primary faculty advisor) and committee member (secondary advisor).  It is recommended that students do not enroll in any other courses during this final semester; however, if it is necessary to do so, students may register for one course in addition to MAS 585. 

How do I register for MAS 585: Capstone?

Registering for MAS 585: Capstone is an important milestone for each MAIS student.  It is necessary to prepare for this course.  Please read the following information and guidelines carefully.  No exceptions to these policies can be made.

Student Eligibility:

1. Entering the last semester of study or completed minimum of 24 MAIS credit hours

2. Good academic standing, as defined by the MAIS Standards of Satisfactory Progress

3. Approved and current iPOS on file


Capstone Proposal:

All students must work with their faculty advisors to complete a capstone proposal.  It is also highly recommended that students take MAS 501: Methods for Interdisciplinary Inquiry as they develop their capstone proposal (typically, during their third semester of residence in the program).  Click here for the Capstone Proposal Form.

When all three signatures have been obtained, please deliver or scan and email the capstone proposal form to the program coordinator.  You will then be issued a line number for registration.

Updated Plan of Study (iPOS):

No student will be allowed to register for MAS 585: Capstone without an approved and updated iPOS on file.  If you have questions about the iPOS, please consult the MAIS Plan of Study webpage.

After I'm registered, what do I do to graduate?

After you have successfully registered for MAS 585, please review the following information to ensure a successful and smooth graduation process.

1.  Apply for graduation through your My ASU account online.  This is a REQUIRED step.

2.  Communicate regularly with your faculty advisors.  During the eighth week of the semester, students must submit a signed Capstone Progress Report to the program coordinator.  This is a REQUIRED step.

3.  Submit a hard copy of the capstone, a digital copy of the capstone, and a 100-word abstract of the capstone (digital) to the program coordinator before the last day of the term.  This is a REQUIRED step.

Helpful Links:

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Formatting Help   Note: The Culminating Experience for MAIS students is MAS 585: Capstone Project.  You are not required to go through the ASU Graduate College formatting process; however, this website will help you format your document in the style required by your faculty advisor.

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