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President's Professor
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Psychology, New College
Director of the Clinical and Legal Judgment Lab: http://psych-law.lab.asu.edu
Founding faculty member of ASU's Program on Law and Behavioral Science: http://lawpsych.asu.edu/

Assistant Professor

As a member of the Applied Mathematics faculty, Professor Joel Nishimura researches network science, dynamical systems and mathematical modeling and typically teaches MAT courses on the West Campus.

Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer

Julie Amparano is a Senior Lecturer, Writing Certificate director and Canyon Voices literary magazine publisher. She teaches many writing courses and is working on a play about the Lost Boys of Sudan, based on oral histories.

Associate Professor

Owen Anderson studies the Philosophy of Religion and Religion in America. He has authored books exploring the relationship between reason, God, and the good. His research interests include reason and common ground.

Associate Professor

Akua Duku Anokye is a sociolinguist with research on African Diaspora orality & literacy, folklore, discourse analysis, oral history specializing in Ghanaian culture, religion, storytelling, dance, and social justice.

Faculty Associate

Not only has Dr. Arford taught Chemistry for over a decade, she has practiced it in the pharmaceutical industry as part of the team to develop the first HIV vaccine, Crixivan, at Merck Sharp and Dohme in the 1990's.

Associate Professor

Becky Ball is a field ecologist studying the impacts of global environmental change (such as air pollution, species loss, and climate change) on soil ecosystems. Currently her research has focused on desert and polar soils.

School Director and Professor

Scott Barclay's research project explores the interplay of political, demographic, and social movement factors that influence the deployment of law. He has a PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University..