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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences engages students in cutting-edge scholarship to better understand the world through understanding people – their beliefs, stories, cultures, organizations, friends, family, thoughts, hopes, feelings, and actions. Our synergistic blend of academic disciplines, perspectives, and methods enhances the capacity to tackle problems, intimate and large-scale, and to improve lives in local and global communities. Over fifty research-active faculty lead a dozen undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees, including internationally-recognized programs in Social Justice & Human Rights, Forensic Psychology, and Social Technologies. From day one, our students are at the front-line of research and innovation, conducting experiments within high-tech psychology, social media, and gaming labs. Through these hands-on research experiences and small-classroom teaching, they gain perspective, context, and skills that they will carry throughout their lives, wherever they’ll take on the world.

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Stephen Lewis
Senior Lecturer

Lewis teaches a variety of courses, with a primary focus on statistics and research methods.

Carrie Lloyd
Faculty Associate
Linda Manning
Faculty Assoc
Lindsey Mean
Associate Professor

Mean's research focuses on the intersection of identities, sport, gender and sexuality, ideology and culture, discourses, language and representational practices across multiple sites and levels of enactment.

Kristin Mickelson

Mickelson received her PhD from Carnegie Mellon and did postdoctoral work at University of Michigan and Harvard. Her research focuses on social relationships and health; she is also director of the MS Psychology program.

Carol Mueller
Emeritus Professor

Mueller is best known as a social movements scholar, with particular attention to the international women’s movement. She has an edited volume now under review "Localizing Human Rights Abuses: The U.S.-Mexico Experience."

Julie Murphy Erfani
Associate Professor

Murphy Erfani is the director of ASU's master's program in Social Justice and Human Rights. Her publications and research have previously focused on violence and human rights abuses in the U.S.-Mexico drug war and in Mexico.

Majia Nadesan

Nadesan teaches courses that look at risk and crisis communications, bio-ethics, economic and corporate communication, propaganda and online social advocacy, and interpretive and critical methods.

Faculty Associate

Naim speaks three languages and dabbles in three more. He has lived in the U.S., Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Mexico.

Jose Nanez
President's Professor

Náñez conducts research in visual perceptual learning, neural plasticity and malleability, and cognition. He also studies cognitive processes in Spanish-English bilinguals.


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